Discuss One Piece Chapter 977: Who is Kaido’s Son?


One Piece chapter 977 continues the story left behind in chapter 976. Here we find out why Jimbei arrived late in Wano. In addition, we are also told how the plan to raid Onigashima will be carried out.

One Piece chapter 977 discussion
However, this chapter ends with a cliffhanger that makes us all curious, namely about the truth about who is Kaido’s son. Immediately, the following discussion.

Why did Jimbei just arrived in Wano?
So far, fans have always asked why Jimbei hasn’t come to Wano yet. What happened exactly? Some said he was seriously injured and some said that Jimbei was arrested by Big Mom.

Fortunately One Piece chapter 977 answers that question.

It turned out that Jimbei had just arrived in Wano because he had to take care of his fishman friends who were fighting it out against the Big Mom pirates. In addition, as the boss of course Jimbei had to part on good terms with his members.

Jimbei the helm of the Straw Hat pirates
All the Straw Hats are very happy with Jimbei’s arrival. Onami and Chopperemon boasted of Jimbei’s ability to pilot the Sunny while riding the waves on Whole Cake island to Franosuke.

Franosuke also mentioned that Sunny’s ability as a dream ship seems to be able to be utilized optimally.

Meeting plans to invade Onigashima
The excitement of the Straw Hat Pirates with Jimbei’s arrival made them forget about the meeting before they invaded Onigashima.

As a result, Kinemon was forced to hold a meeting without Luffytaro. However, even if Luffy goes along, it is certain that he will not follow the plan.

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The meeting was attended by representatives of each alliance. Law represents the pirates, the samurai Akazaya represents the Kozuki clan, Hyogoro represents the Wano samurai, and Shishilian represents the Minks.

In this meeting, Inuarashi and Denjiro joined Akazaya’s group. Their positions as commanders of the Minks and Samurai were replaced by Shishilian and Hyogoro.

This limited meeting was held on Law’s ship, although he actually objected.

Kinemon’s plan is to enter Kaido’s mansion through the back door. He knew this information from the Onigashima floor plan they got.

Law predicts two idiots will attack from the front. Of course those two idiots are Luffy and Kid because that’s their type.

When Luffy and Kid attack from the front, there will be two troops entering through the left and right sides, one of which is led by Denjiro.

The attack from three directions will help Law along with the rest of Akazaya to infiltrate from behind by utilizing Law’s submarine and also the power of the Ope-Ope no Mi fruit.

It was obvious that this plan was a concoction of strategy from all parties present, but Denjiro still believed that it was the fruit of Kinemon’s mind.

Onigashima Gate destroyed by sake
During the alliance meeting, Luffytaro and friends were busy looking for sake and glasses to celebrate Jimbei’s joining.

Without a second thought, they stormed the heavily-armed Tori Onigashima gate. However, the sake to celebrate Jimbei’s arrival is more important and the Straw Hat pirates are also stronger.

Luffy and company easily broke the guard at the gate, dumbfounding Kinemon and Wano’s samurai.

When the gates of Onigashima are destroyed by their friends, the trio of timid Straw Hats are vigilantly monitoring the situation from afar.

Onami, Usohachi, and Chopperemon have gotten a lot stronger, but it seems Oda-sensei still wants them to be a cute cowardly trio.

After snatching the glass and sake, Luffy and friends prepare to toast to celebrate Jimbei’s joining. But in the end they postponed the event.

According to Luffy and friends, water will be more delicious to drink after work, after overthrowing Kaido, Orochi, and Big Mom!

Cheerful Kid Pirates and Kaido hunt
There’s something funny about Pirate Kid. So far they are described as very cruel and dangerous. In One Piece chapter 977 we see their transformation into cheerful pirates.

Every time Kid said something sadistic, the members would answer with laughter. Maybe the Kid members imitate Killer’s laughter because they don’t want Killer to feel alone. Possible. Fwa fwa fwa!

The Onigashima raid instantly became a race to hunt down Kaido as Kid and Luffy raced over who would beat Kaido first. Like Kaido will lose easily.

The party starts and who exactly is Kaido’s son?
With the start of the Onigashima raid, One Piece chapter 977 also brings us to Onigashima.

There are some interesting things we can see here.

The Numbers really liked drinking, but they weren’t very good at holding glasses. Their silhouettes and characters seem to show they are giant monsters who are less intelligent.