Discuss My Hero Academia Chapter 267: Dabi’s Secret


My Hero Academia chapter 267 is very tense and also makes us all curious. Top pro heroes like Mirko and Hawk face difficult situations. And in the midst of the battle, Dabi’s identity began to be slowly revealed. Here’s the discussion.

Fire is Hawks’ weakness
My Hero Academia chapter 267 opens with a flashback of Tokoyami talking to Hawks. During Tokoyami’s apprenticeship, he asked what the Hawks’ weaknesses were.

Hawks replied that fire is his biggest weakness because it can burn his wing feathers which are his main weapon. Without its wing feathers, the Hawks will have a hard time fighting villains.

Tokoyami remembered that conversation when he was taken away from the villain’s base by Fat Gum. However, an explosion took the Hawks by surprise. Of course, what he remembered when he saw the flames was his mentor, Hawks.

Twice is dead?
MHA chapter 267 confirmed Twice’s fate. According to Dabi, the villain who could reproduce was killed by Hawk. This explains how Twice’s powers faded after saving Toga in the previous chapter.

The possibility of Twice dying is also reinforced by a panel showing the handkerchief that Twice has is located near the bloodied.

However, what is called a shnen manga can happen. Twice could be still alive for some reason.

However, because death is nothing new in My Hero Academia, it could also be that Twice is really dead.

Dabi knows Hawks
Dabi’s flames were able to stop the Hawks. It can be seen that his flagship wing was almost completely burned.

Previously, Hawks almost defeated Dabi by implementing his strategy, which is to attack before the enemy fires. However, Dabi managed to thwart Hawks’ attack after disturbing his concentration by mentioning Hawks’ real name in chapter 266.

How can Dabi know Hawks’ real name?

The clue may be in this Hawks childhood flashback we see in My Hero Academia 267.

The flashback shows the Hawks being trained in a special hero program. The program requirement is, participants must leave their real names.

So, the people who know Hawks’ real name are the people involved in the program. We can guess that Dabi also participated in the hero program before becoming a villain.

Who is the real Dabi?
Hawks, curious, asked who Dabi really was. And Dabi answered it. It seems that Dabi has a hobby of mentioning names, doesn’t it.

Unfortunately, our curiosity has not been fully answered in My Hero Academia 267 because Horikoshi-Sensei blacked out the dialogue containing Dabi’s real name.

Although it is still a secret, many fans have suspected that Dabi is actually Endeavor’s son who is said to have died, namely Touya Todoroki. And this chapter 267 gives a little hint about that.

So far what we know is that Touya died due to the failure of Endeavor. This is one of the reasons why Natsuo hates his father.

Well, this is speculation.

Endeavor sends Touya to a special hero program which Hawks also participates in. The reason? Of course to fulfill his obsession, train his son to be strong to surpass All Might as the strongest hero. It is in this program that Touya alias Dabi knows Hawks’ real name

However, for some reason, Touya died in the program. In My Hero Academia chapter 267, we know that the program will be very difficult. Maybe Touya had an accident while training. And for some reason, Touya didn’t die and disguised himself as Dabi.

Since Touya was called “dead” in a secret program, it’s no wonder all data about him was deleted.

This speculation is also quite supported by Dabi’s next words. He said that the Hawks should focus more on keeping an eye on Dabi. Why? Because he (probably) is the son of an Endeavor and has also joined the secret hero program.

Then, chapter 267 also shows that Dabi is actually not a pure villain. He doesn’t care about the League of Villains. Dabi is more interested in realizing Stain’s dream.

In other words, Dabi still has the spirit of heroism, but manifests it in a radical and extreme way.

This little heroic spirit can show that he was raised in a hero environment, namely in the Todoroki family’s house.

Mirko is also facing a difficult situation
Apart from the Hawks, Mirko is also facing a difficult situation. This heroine, who is currently being crazed by MHA fans, is a little overwhelmed by dealing with many high-end Nomu at once.

Even so, this chapter is still able to show Mirko’s badass. With a fairly severe wound, Mirko is still able to fight a very dangerous High-end.

He was actually enjoying the fight a lot when he noticed the High-ends were starting to read his moves. Badass!

But he must complete his mission, which is to capture the doctor Kyudai Garaki.

With her rabbit speed, Mirko caught up with the doctor. Unfortunately High-end is also no less fast and managed to block Mirko’s movement.

Tokoyami and Endeavor came as saviors
Two heroes are in a critical situation and two heroes also come to help. Mirko whose leg was pierced by Nomu’s attack was assisted by Endeavor.

Finally Endeavor was able to catch up with Mirko who was the first to chase after the doctor.

While the Hawks who will be burned alive by Dabi, assisted by his student, namely Tokoyami.

It seemed that Tokoyami had decided to approach the enemy base to help his mentor. Did Fat Gum allow Tokoyami’s actions?

The latest arc of My Hero Academia can provide a tense story by presenting high-risk battles. There may be a few more deaths that we will see in this arc.