Discover the sexiest and hottest member of BTS according to their zodiac sign

If you are an ARMY, have you ever wondered who could be the sexiest and hottest member of BTS according to their zodiac sign? Well, here we have done the analysis and the answer will surprise you.
It is no secret to ARMY that the members of BTS attract attention beyond their music. Idols have been characterized by their enormous and marked popularity on social networks.
This popularity is partly due to his great attractiveness and personality. However, this could go even further and to hotter topics, but as good fans, ARMYs have always wanted everything about Bangtan.
And it is as a result of this, that an analysis has been made on which of the seven members of the group is the sexiest and hottest according to their zodiac sign and the answer is from someone who perhaps you did not expect: J-Hope
J-Hope is from the Aquarius sign, and those who are governed by this sign of air do not consider themselves romantic or emotional, but when they fall in love they give absolutely everything. For this reason, they tend to get carried away largely by eroticism, but if they have a partner, she will help them better express their emotions and manage better in private matters, since they are not usually possessive or jealous.
Although J-Hope is usually a fairly quiet member, he can be someone very flirtatious, sexy and above all very hot.
The stars greatly influence our personality, passions, character and even our sexuality, so discovering some sensual data about our sign could be reflected in how we are regarding our sexuality and level of eroticism.