Discover the best anime series to watch this summer


Whether due to their short duration or their high doses of comedy, these four animes are ideal to watch in summer

top 10 shounen anime ever

We have been enjoying summer for a couple of days and with it the best season to enjoy the anime world. After great successes like Spy x Family, we have enough free time to continue discovering works of this beloved genre, of which we give you our personal recommendation. If you want to know new animes and not waste time during the summer, take note.

Perfect anime series to watch this summer

One Punch Man

24 episodes

If you are looking for a short series with a large dose of humor, One Punch Man is what you are looking for. Saitama is such a powerful superhero that he defeats all his enemies with a single punch, which has ended up boring him. His main target of him? Find someone he can really stand up to.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

64 episodes

Considered one of the best shonen anime in history. It focuses on an adventure that fuses fantasy and action in equal parts. It stars the Elric brothers and in it we can find all kinds of the most peculiar characters.

Hunter x Hunter

148 episodes

Gon is a young man who leaves his life behind and embarks on an adventure to become a Hunter , just like his father, whom he hasn’t seen since he was a child. On his journey he will meet many other memorable characters with disparate goals. The author of this work recently announced that he would be picking up his story very shortly, making it the perfect time to enjoy Hunter x Hunter.

Soul Eater

51 episodes

Two types of students attend the Shibusen school , those who are shinigami apprentices and those who have the ability to transform into weapons. These act in pairs and have the mission of defending the land from the kishin, demons that would drive humanity to madness. This anime series has a fast-paced story and very characteristic characters.