Director Unveils Main Reason ‘Squid Game’ Reaps Global Popularity


‘Squid Game’ Has Successfully Topped Netflix’s List In Many Countries. CEO Ted Sarandos Revealed ‘Squid Game’ To Be The Most Successful Non-English Drama On The Platform.

” Squid Game ” director Hwang Dong Hyuk recently had an interview with Yonhap News media. He admitted that the success of his drama was “a surprise” adding to the incredible popularity of “Squid Game” in just one week.

“Squid Game” quickly topped Netflix’s lists in many countries. CEO Ted Sarandos recently admitted that he thinks “Squid Game” will be the most successful non-English drama on the platform.

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Director Hwang Dong Hyuk revealed that the main reason his drama was so successful in the eyes of the audience was that the answer key was “simplicity”.

Simplicity in question is a game that players have to deal with. Based on a traditional Korean children’s game, the six rounds include basic trials such as tug of war and cutting shapes out of dalgona candy.

Because the gameplay is simple and easy, Hwang Dong Hyuk said viewers can immerse themselves in the deeper elements of the drama, namely characters and comments about competitive society.

I also think people are attracted by the irony that desperate adults risk their lives to win children’s games. The gameplay is simple and easy, so viewers can focus more on each character rather than the complicated rules of the game, said director Hwang Dong. Hyuk.

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk said that although “Squid Game” shares elements with popular survival shows such as ” The Hunger Games ” and ” Battle Royale “, it also distinguishes itself with a more unique narrative and different content.

I think ‘Squid Game’ shares a framework and some dramatic stereotype tools with previous survival shows, but the content and narrative are different from them, said director Hwang Dong Hyuk.

Surprisingly, the director admits that although he wrote the original “Squid Game” story as a screenplay about ten years ago, he was initially rejected by Korean investors due to violence and sensationalism. But luckily, Netflix saw through his vision when he incorporated it into the story about two years ago.

Intimate scenes become controversy, this 'Squid Game' actor is threatened with problems with his wife

Intimate Scenes Become Controversy, This ‘Squid Game’ Actor Is Threatened With Problems With His Wife

Among Several Controversies, Intimate Scenes In ‘Squid Game’ Had Sparked Pros And Cons Among Viewers. Apparently The Actor, Heo Sung Tae, Was Threatened With Problems With His Wife Because Of It.

Along with its popularity, ” Squid Game ” also reaped a number of controversies. One of them is the intimate scene between Duk Soo ( Heo Sung Tae ) and Mi Nyeo ( Kim Joo Ryeong ).

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In particular, the sex scene of Duk Soo and Min Nyeo in the toilet has been brought up by many viewers in topics related to “Squid Game”. This scene became a hot topic because it caused pros and cons among viewers. Some found the scene disgusting, others didn’t mind it.

Following the controversy, it was recently revealed that actor Heo Sung Tae had promised his wife that he would not shoot bed scenes. This fact was brought to the surface after a number of netizens found a video of Heo Sung Tae appearing on the SBS Love FM program “Song Eun Yi and Kim Sook’s Sister Radio” which discussed the promise in 2016.

In the talk, Heo Sung Tae said that he had to refuse bed scenes even though he didn’t mind acting naked. The biggest reason is that his wife, who has been married to him since 2010, has banned it.

My wife has banned me from shooting bed scenes, where she has set boundaries, he said.

Regarding being naked during filming, apparently the wife tolerated Hong Sung Tae in that regard. But for the affairs of the bed scene, his wife admitted that she would never agree.

Hearing this, Song Eun Yi asked, Even when you were offered a lot of money? Kim Sook also then responded with the question, What about 1 billion won?

Immediately, Heo Sung Tae shook his head then replied, No, I can’t do it. I’ll just earn a lot of money gradually.

After the video was highlighted again, netizens commented showing their reactions. The reason is, Heo Sung Tae has promised not to do bed scenes but he recorded intimate scenes in “Squid Game”. Netizens are wondering if he got into trouble with his wife or even got kicked out by her.

Did you end up earning more than 1 billion won?? a netizen commented. It seems he can’t go home now, added another netizen. You’re in big trouble, said another.

Meanwhile, there is no definite news regarding the fate of Heo Sung Tae in the hands of his wife after the intimate scene went viral. As is known, the actor has been married for 11 years.