Different Storyline, ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’-‘A Business Proposal’ Competes For High Rating


‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ Stars Ahn Bo Hyun And Jo Bo Ah As Military Prosecutors And ‘A Business Proposal’ Is A Rom-Com Starring Kim Sejeong And Ahn Hyo Seop.

The competition for new dramas in the Monday-Tuesday night slot is getting hotter. On February 28, two new dramas premiered: tvN’s “Military Prosecutor Doberman” and SBS’s “A Business Proposal”, each successfully attracting fans’ attention with a different storyline.

Meanwhile, “A Business Proposal” is a rom-com starring Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop as employees and CEOs who accidentally meet as partners on a blind date when he pretends to be his friends.

“A Business Proposal” followed it with 4.9 percent. On March 1, the second episode of the two dramas recorded significant gains, both exceeding 5 percent.

Not only that, “A Business Proposal” recorded a rating of 6.5 percent, while “Military Prosecutor Doberman” recorded a rating of 7.009 percent. Even though they have very different storylines, both of them are considered successful in attracting attention in terms of the quality of the acting of the players who are capable.

” Ahn Hyo Seop looks like Park Seo Joon from Secretary Kim. Haven’t watched Doberman yet, but the business proposal so far is good,” commented Netter. ” Fighting!!! For both dramas. I’m interested to see how they will compete,” said another. ” People need to watch Business Proposal because it’s funny! XD. Doberman is actually really good!! I just finished watching episode 2 and I really enjoyed it,” concluded another.

Kim Sejeong Makes Fans And Netizens Melt By Doing This

A Tweet Gets Attention Because The Author Of The Tweet Shares A Healthy Celebrity Encounter. The Viral Tweet Contained The Author’s Experience When He Met Kim Sejeong In Person.

Since the beginning of his career when he was still a participant in the survival event ” Produce 101 “, Kim Sejeong was known as a cheerful, kind, and friendly person. Recently, the former Gu9udan member made hearts flutter through his meeting with a fan.

On August 26, a tweet garnered attention because the author of the tweet shared a healthy celebrity encounter. The viral tweet contained the author’s experience when he met Kim Sejeong in person.

I looked up and then there was Kim Sejeong looking at me. I was left speechless because I was so shocked but then Sejeong said I recognize you and I almost jumped out of the elevator,” he wrote.

It was revealed that the fan in the tweet is a long-time Gu9udan fan who often goes to offline events. This post also attracted attention and invited comments from netizens, who seemed to feel what he felt.

“Wow, this is more than guilty. He should be sentenced to life because it is dangerous to my heart,” commented netizens. How is he still alive?” another netizen said.

“This account belongs to the only Gugudan fan account that I know (I support a different group), and of course, Sejeong will pay attention to it,” said a netizen. “This doesn’t happen in any elevator. He went to see Sejeong’s last ‘Red Book’ show!” another netizen exclaimed. “I’d be crazy if my bias did this to me, haha,” added another.

Meanwhile, Kim Sejeong is busy with activities in music and acting after Gu9udan’s disbandment. Last March, the 1996-born singer released his second solo mini album entitled “I’M”.

It’s more fun than ever. I had fun preparing it because I wanted to show people the kind of music that only I can do.”