Did you see the back of “EXO” on the 400th day of the debut of “BTS”?


Of course, “EXO” is the most popular male idol group in the K-POP world. And, speaking of the boy group that made its debut after the appearance of “EXO”, it is probably the hip-hop idol ” BTS “.

 This July, the young group celebrated its 400th day of debut, but the other day, they set out to train in the home of hip-hop in the United States with the aim of further evolution.

 Seven members (RAP MONSTER, JIN, SUGA, J-HOPE, JIMIN, V, JUNG KOOK) who have shown tremendous growth comparable to “EXO” in just one year.

 And Mr. Bang Si-Hyuk, the president and producer of the agency “Big Hit Entertainment”. There are countless K-POP artists who sang his songs such as BoA, RAIN, “god”, Park Hyo Shin, “2AM”, “Davichi”, Baek Ji Young, Lee Seung Gi, etc. He is also a composer who majored in “aesthetics” at Seoul National University, which is said to be “The University of Tokyo in South Korea.”

 The combination produced amazing results. Last year, various award races in the Korean music industry such as “2013 Melon Music Awards”, “28th Golden Disc”, “23rd High One Seoul Music Awards”, “3rd Gaon Chart K-POP Awards” However, the rookie award was totally disappointing, and he suddenly emerged as a large rookie next to “EXO“.

 Also, in “Boy In Luv” released in February this year, he became one of the top idols by competing for “1st place” in a terrestrial music program.

 Other hip-hop idols such as “BAP”, “Block B”, and “TOPP DOGG” are active in the K-POP world, but in the case of “BTS”, their reaction is full of charm. We are trying to differentiate ourselves with undisturbed performance and powerful wrapping power.

 In addition, there are many members who can write and compose songs, so it can be said that it is a top-class idol in the K-POP world in terms of the total score of dance ability, singing ability, and musicality.

 As you can see in the group name, they are a very unique group from the basic concept. It has a policy of “protecting teens from various prejudices and oppressions while acting like ammunition-proof goods.” The debut song “No more Dream” expressed the dreams of teenagers, and the second single “NO” and the breakthrough “Boy In Luv” expressed the happiness and love of teenagers.
In fact, three of the members are still teenagers, and their energetic and cheerfulness appeals to many fans for their life-size appeal.

 And, as if to support the momentum, fandom (fan size) is also expanding rapidly.

 In March, the fan club was launched at an unusually fast rate of 10 months after its debut, and the number of members has already exceeded 50,000.
The number of male idols “BTOB” in the third year of their debut is currently about 50,000, and the number of “ZE: A” in the fifth year is about 40,000.

 Last month, “BTS” made its debut from Pony Canyon in the Japanese version of “NO MORE DREAM” in Japan.
Currently, even in Japan, the fan base is expanding while gaining support from young women in their twenties, and at the same time, the name recognition in Greater China is rising steadily.

 Self-videos of their unadorned teamwork, such as “BTS TV,” which was frequently distributed on “YouTube,” may have led to the acquisition of overseas K-POP fans.

 From the 24th of this month, a program called “Bangtan Boys American Hustle Life” will be broadcast on the radio waves from Korea’s largest music channel “Mnet”.
You should be able to see their true face as they continue their music production activities while touching authentic hip-hop music in the United States.

 Their march is transforming from the admiration of teenage female students to the strongest hip-hop idols. Fans are also expecting the skill of genius master Bang Si-Hyuk.