Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow” 3 highlights recommended! Xiao Ai is in danger, and the black organization mobilizes

If you like ” Detective Conan “, then May 8, 2023 is definitely a memorable day for Conan fans, because on this day, Japan’s official Twitter released a congratulatory picture drawn by the original author of the manga, Aoyama Gosho, to celebrate 2023 The box office of the 26th Conan animation film “Detective Conan Kurotsu no Yukage” released exceeded 10 billion yen.



What kind of plot story in “Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow” can break the record of Conan’s theater version over the years?

This achievement is not only the first successful deduction since the long-lived manga series “Detective Conan” has been serialized since the 1990s, it was adapted into animation and released on the big screen. , the record for the fastest-selling movie to reach the box office mark of 10 billion yen.

Conan 2023 theatrical version of the animated film "Detective Conan Kurotsu no Yukage" box office data on Japan Wikipedia

On 5/8, the fastest box office list on Wikipedia in Japan reached 10 billion yen, the third title was “Detective Conan Kurotsu no Fish Shadow”, and the second title was the 2022 work “One Piece Red-haired Diva”. And the champion, the 2020 sensational “Demon Slayer: Blade Infinity Train”, the first two films have successively sent out different movie-watching special gifts, attracting fans to collect more.

According to the information released by the film’s distributor in Taiwan, Powell, the plot of the film takes place in the sea off the coast of Hachijo Island, a whale watching spot not far to the east where Mihua Town is located. Conan and the children of the Detective Boys were lucky enough to win a whale watching trip and went to Hachijo Island, but found that the nearby marine facility “Pacific Buoy” under the jurisdiction of Interpol was heavily policed. It turned out that there was a new face who could unify the global surveillance screen. Part identification technology is about to start.

This high-tech system can easily identify the identity through facial scanning, and is not affected by the age change of the target object. Therefore, the former member of the black organization who lives as a girl named “Aihara Ai”, code-named “Shirley” The secret that Miyano Shiho is still alive may be exposed, and Xiao Ai will be in danger──

2023 Conan movie "Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow" 3 major highlights recommendation: Xiao Ai is in danger, the black organization mobilizes, why can it reach the tens of billions of box office charts without special bonuses?

M26=The 26th Conan animation film “Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow” has many characters, and the key figures of both good and evil are almost always mobilized. The official also specially designed the main visual poster of the double fight, which are Conan protagonist Fang and others, and Qin Wine and other members of the Black Organization, the two posters can be combined into a composition of confrontation at sea around the “Pacific Buoy”.


Recommendation 1 of “Detective Conan: The Fish Shadow of Black Iron”: Xiao Ai’s emotional line? Conan’s Faith?

If the face recognition system on the “Pacific Buoy” is activated and the information is intercepted by the Black Organization, it will not only endanger the intelligence security of Interpol, but also the high school that was targeted by the Black Organization and should be “killed” Life detective Kudo Shinichi and genius scientist Miyano Shiho will reveal the secret that they are not dead. Following the organization’s vicious and ruthless principles, Conan and Ai are surrounded by Xiaolan, Dr. Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, Genta…etc. People will face life-threatening.

Because of his genius scientist’s mind, Miyano Shiho took over the drug research work of the organization whose parents died due to the fire in the laboratory. The code name in the black organization is “Shirley”. , In order to let his sister leave the organization, he voluntarily committed a robbery case of 100 million yuan, but was unfortunately shot and killed by Qin Jiu. Zhibao’s family was ruined by the organization, and the drug APTX-4869 developed by herself was even used as a murder tool by the organization. With a heavy heart full of self-blame, she took the drug and wanted to gamble, and even sought relief. Like Shinichi Kudo, the high school student detective of the medicine, he turned into a child.

2023 Conan movie "Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow" 3 major highlights recommendation: Xiao Ai is in danger, the black organization mobilizes, why can it reach the tens of billions of box office charts without special bonuses?

Former member of the Black Organization, Miyano Shiho, code-named “Shirley”, accidentally turned into a child after taking the self-developed poison APTX-4869, and lived under the name “Haibara Ai”.

Kudo Shinichi, who declared his death to the outside world, lived as a primary school student Edogawa Conan, and secretly collected various resources that could fight against the organization and restore its original appearance. After Xiao Ai appeared, the two became irreplaceable comrades-in-arms. Dr. Li’s interaction with the children gradually melted Xiao Ai’s frozen heart, and she had an ordinary happiness that she had never experienced before.

Manga artist Gosho Aoyama released a theme cafe table mat paper during the release of "Detective Conan Kurotsu no Yukage" in Japan. The theme of Xiao Ai is drawn with his own handwriting

The original work Gosho Aoyama drew his own painting with Xiao Ai as the theme in the “Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow” theme cafe . You can see “Shirley” Miyano Shiho, who once wanted to die, met Conan after becoming Xiao Ai , Xiaolan, and the children of the Detective Boys gradually opened their hearts to reveal the transformation of their smiles.

Although everyone often encounters many crises because of Conan’s “event physique”, under Conan’s strong belief in facing fate positively and never letting anyone die in front of his eyes, Xiao Ai has experienced various touching moments of being rescued and is deeply moved. It is attractive; but Xiao Ai also feels the gentle protection like a sister from Kudo Shinichi’s childhood sweetheart and girlfriend Mao Lilan. In the 2023 movie “Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow”, Mr. The emotional presentation of the little sorrow specially arranged by the film director team is definitely an important point of this film.


Recommendation 2 of “Detective Conan: The Fish Shadow of Black Iron”: Members of the Black Organization are dispatched to fight against the Japanese and American police!

Through this movie poster, you can see a total of 9 cadre-level members of the black-clothed organization with code names, including Gin, who will make waves in this movie, including the second-in-command “Lamb” who revealed his true colors in the original main storyline. As well as Lamb’s confidant who debuted in the film for the first time, a new member code-named “PINGA”, the enthusiastic Brazilian sugar cane distilled liquor caschacha, appeared, which can be said to be menacing.

According to the official introduction, PINGA is the type who will do anything to climb up in order to seek a superior position, and has a strong sense of resistance to the cold gin:


The complete organizational structure of the black organization and the real purpose of doing evil in the dark are not completely clear, but in the original comics and the theatrical animation movies in which the black organization appeared in previous years, such as: M5 “Countdown to Heaven”, M13 “The Darkness” In “Trackers” and M20 ” Pure Black Nightmare “, they are either involved in illegal programming or drug research and development, or they show up to hunt down traitors. In 2023’s M26 “The Fish Shadow of the Black Iron”, the organization in black launched an operation for the “Pacific Buoy”. The police officers of the National Metropolitan Police Department, and even the sniper Shuichi Akai and his colleagues who continued to carry out FBI missions secretly by feigning death to deceive the eyes and ears of the organization… In order to protect important people and things, fierce battles in the deep sea are on the verge of breaking out.

2023 Conan movie "Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow" 3 major highlights recommendation: Xiao Ai is in danger, the black organization mobilizes, why can it reach the tens of billions of box office charts without special bonuses?  Characters from the Conan camp and the Black Organization camp

From the left are FBI special investigator Akai Shuichi, karate master Mori Ran, Conan’s original identity Kudo Shinichi, Edogawa Conan who looks like a child but is too ordinary, and Haibara Ai; the black organization is good at intelligence collection Bourbon, ruthless gin, gin’s left and right hand vodka, absinthe with a thousand faces who are proficient in disguise… There are more good and evil characters in the movie. The picture shows the movie co-branded publicity picture of Spotify in Japan, and there is a recommended song list .


Recommendation 3 of “Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow”: Linked with the original work, the supporting cast can also show the performance of a Hollywood blockbuster?

Every year in Conan movies, in addition to looking forward to Conan’s wit to save the day, how to attack and defend with the prisoner’s wit, not to lose to Vin Diesel’s “Fast and Furious” series of speeding (skateboard) chases or Michael Bay’s gorgeous explosion action scenes are absolutely indispensable . In this way, Conan movies have been introduced at a rate of one a year, but after more than ten years of operation, they also faced a period of poor response for a while, and M18 “Snipers of Different Dimensions” officially placed a film that has a major connection with the original plot. After development, it gradually attracted the attention of movie fans and fans of the original work.

The 2014 Conan movie "Snipers of Different Dimensions" is connected with the main plot of the original manga, and it is the first to reveal the identity of the graduate student Subaru Okiya who is actually the FBI ace sniper Akai Shuichi who cheated.

In 2014, the Conan movie “Sniper of Another Dimension” preempted the main plot of the original manga, revealing the true identity of graduate student Subaru Okiya, who is actually Shuichi Akai, the ace sniper of the FBI who faked his death.

Next, like the M20 “Pure Black Nightmare” where Conan fought against the black organization last time, Conan joined forces with key elites of the Japanese and American police to fight against the black organization, and the box office broke through 6 billion yen for the first time and grew year by year , M22 ” Zero’s Executor ” uses “Amuro Toru” who has the triple identity of private detective, organization undercover, and public security secret police as the key character to start the story, and for the first time reached the box office of 9.18 billion yen, which is expected to deduct tens of billions of box office Good results; M23 “The Fist of Cyan Blue” arranged Kaito Kidd and the invincible karate master Kyogoku to fight on the same stage, and boldly extended the story stage to Singapore outside Japan. Top 100 million box office blockbuster list. M24 ” The Scarlet Bullet ” and M25 ” Halloween’s Bride ” use the “special” Akai family , Toru Amuro’s real identity as the public security policeman Rei Furutani, and his best friend from the police academy as the key points respectively, stringing together exciting and exciting events.

The animated version of "Detective Conan" movie series has made popular characters more active in recent years, and the box office performance has been soaring year by year.

Hattori Heiji and Kazuha, Furutani Rei and other secret public security police, Phantom Thief Kidd vs. Kyogokuma, Akai Hideichi’s family, Sato and Takagi police officers and the police officers who died on duty…etc. Actively sparked topics and stimulated box office performance.

In the M26 “Black Iron Fish Shadow”, which is scheduled to be released in Taiwan from the summer vacation of 2023, you can see the hero Conan who has the courage to fight against the threat of the black organization and is invincible. In addition to Conan working together to fight against the organization, Xiaolan’s “extraordinary skills”, Dr. A Li’s speed chase, the actions of members of the organization and undercover agents… etc., are all for those who have not yet had the opportunity to play in the original main storyline. The role is ready for a great opportunity to be revealed. After the audience or fans see the in-depth description of the character through the movie, when they go back and complete the main plot of the original work, they will surely get more discoveries and resonance. This may be the case of Conan movies in recent years. There may be a new key to the series’ continuous breaking out of topics.

2023 Conan movie "Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow" 3 major highlights recommendation: Xiao Ai is in danger, the black organization mobilizes, why can it reach the tens of billions of box office charts without special bonuses?  movie stills

In M26 “The Fish Shadow of the Black Iron”, Xiao Lan is not only a heroine who can only wait, but also shows extraordinary skills in an emergency; in the thrilling speed scene, you can see Dr. A Li going all out, and the sad and tearful scenes are even more impressive. Make fans sad.

2023 Conan movie "Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow" 3 major highlights recommendation: Xiao Ai is in danger, the black organization mobilizes, why can it reach the tens of billions of box office charts without special bonuses?  Black organization camp figures

Even the cadres of the black-clothed organization who also hold the code name of the liquor name acted with their own minds, vaguely revealing the secrets that they did not want to know-among them, “Keir” who infiltrated the organization as an undercover agent as a CIA agent (Right) Actions deserve special attention.


When will the 2023 Conan movie “Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow” be released in Taiwan? Teaser & Screening Specifications Released

The 2023 new Conan movie “Detective Conan Kurotsu no Yukage”, which has just broken through the box office of 10 billion yen, will soon launch hand lights and voice support sessions in Japan to attract fans to return, and Taiwan’s film agency Puwei also took advantage of the situation to announce Taiwan will use various formats such as 2D, IMAX, MX4D, 4DX, DOLBY CINEMA, ATMOS, etc., and arrange simultaneous screenings across Taiwan from July 6, 2023, so stay tuned.

The latest trailer for the movie “Detective Conan: The Fish Shadow of the Black Iron”:

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