Deaf actor and successful H-o-h in Hollywood


Marlee Matlin

From the age of 18, Marlee Matlin was diagnosed with hearing loss due to a cochlear defect in the ear. As a result, all hearing in his right ear was lost. Meanwhile, his left ear lost 80% of hearing.

Debuting in Children of Lesser God (1986), Marlee Matlin immediately received an Oscar the following year as Best Actress.

Marlee’s next career is increasingly promising. He then acted in various series and films. He even played a non-deaf character in Against Her Will: The Carrie Buck Story (1994).

Most recently, Marlee Matlin reprized the role of Jackie, a deaf parent, in the film CODA (2021) which won Best Picture.

Millie Bobby Brown

When you see Millie Bobby Brown’s graceful acting, you might not think that she is half deaf.

Millie starred in various well-known series and films and has a fairly high rating. For example, Stranger Things as Eleven and Enola Holmes in the film titled Enola Holmes. His acting is brilliant and iconic.

In the process of filming, Millie Bobby Brown often didn’t hear some of the director’s directions clearly. For example, when the director says cut. Even so, Millie Bobby Brown is a very cooperative actor.

Troy Kotsur

This is a deaf actor who is still hotly discussed since the 2022 Oscars event some time ago. Troy Kutsur is playing Frank, the father of Ruby who is a child of a dead adult.

Troy Kotsur was diagnosed with deafness when he was 9 months old. Luckily his parents were very cooperative. After his son was diagnosed with hearing impairment, his parents immediately learned sign language.

The cooperative attitude of his parents made Kotsur a confident person. Since he was a teenager, he has been active in the theater world. This world has brought him to star in various films and series.

The award as Best Supporting Actor at the 2022 Academy Award is the pinnacle of his achievement. In his Oscar speech, he also presented this award to the deaf.

CJ Jones

Unlike the previous actors who had been deaf since they were babies, CJ Jones was deaf when he was 7 years old. At that time, he suffered from spinal meningitis which affected his hearing system. However, CJ’s parents are deaf.

CJ attended a special school for the deaf and became an excellent student there. One of his iconic roles was in the film Baby Driver (2017), where he became a deaf character.

Later, he became one of the actors in the documentary See What I’m Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary (2010). This documentary embraces the deaf and humanizes them. In fact, behind something that is considered a deficiency, they can grow into a person who is full of empathy and independence.

Regarding the victory of Troy Kotsur and CODA at the 2022 Oscars, CJ Jones really appreciates this. However, CJ Jones criticized the Will Smith-Chris Rock incident which actually obscured good news about the achievements of the deaf.

Halle Berry

Yes, you read it right! The A-class actor who has appeared in hundreds of films has lost 80% of his hearing in his left ear, making him an H-o-H (hard of hearing) actress. He lost almost all of his hearing in his left ear not because of genetics or disease, but because of violence.

In the 90s, when he played in The Lady Boy Scout (1991), he experienced violence from his toxic lover. This condition was traumatic and deprived him of hearing, completely changing his life.

Rising from his traumatic experience, he became diligent in campaigning against abusive relationships and reminding people to get out of dangerous relationships.

Whoopie Goldberg

The actor who is known for his fun roles such as Deloris, a singer disguised as a nun, and Guinan, the El Aurian listener race in Star Trek: The Next Generation, turns out to have problems with his hearing system.

In old age, Whoopie Goldberg experienced a gradual decline in hearing ability. He was almost deaf. This condition is not caused by genetic factors, but because of age and habits when young.

He admitted that when he was young, he really liked listening to music loudly and watching concerts intensely. Lack of attention to it makes his hearing worse. Therefore, now he often reminds young people on set to reduce the habit of listening to loud sounds.