DC Officially Kills Black Adam Character!


Black Adam is a popular DC character who made his debut in Fawcett Comics in 1945. After his character became a part of the DC Universe, not a few fans made him their favorite. Despite appearing as Shazam’s mortal enemy, his popularity is no less than that of DC Comics superheroes .

Interestingly, before he made his live-action debut in the DCEU, it turned out that DC had killed Black Adam first in the comic. In the Black Adam #3 comic preview, the death of the character whose real name is Teth-Adam is likely to be a major event in the DC Universe. Still, it seems that death could not quench the fiery determination of the ruler of Kahndaq. Because he will try to come back to life by making new adventures in Akkadian Hell.


Facing Death at DC Comics


The continuation story in Christopher Priest and Rafael Sandoval’s Black Adam #3 comic is a continuation of the previous story. In the first issue, Adam contracted a mysterious illness so he decided to transfer his power to his successor. He did it on purpose in the hope that his successors could continue to protect Khandaq.


Little do they know, it turns out that the transfer of power has magically bound them. So later in the third issue, the successor will try to raise Adam from the dead. Meanwhile, the antihero will try to survive in the Akkadian hell, a hell of Sumerian and Mesopotamian mythology. There are still a lot of things that are a mystery about the case of Black Adam’s death in the DC Universe .


Will his successor be able to save him? If so, that means maybe Black Adam will return in much better shape without the disease. And it is not impossible that he will later also bring ‘souvenirs’ from the Akkadian Hell. But first he has to face his death in his comic that will be released on August 16. Let’s wait for the release of the comic later.