DC: Getting to Know Earth-3, The Universe of Evil Superheroes


Recently, the multiverse theme in various media, including films and comics, seems to be being intensified by many publishers and production houses, one of which is quite active, DC Comics. But for DC itself, they actually introduced the multiverse concept for a long time. With a history that spans more than 80 years, DC itself first raised the theme of the multiverse in 1961. Since then, many alternative universes have been born, as well as those that have been destroyed. And one of the most popular is Earth-3, which depicts what it would be like if the superhero we’ve always liked became a merciless supervillain!

Superhero and Supervillain Switch Roles
In the 2000s, when DC tried to expand its comic strip with the stories of Inifinity Crisis and 52 , Earth-3 first emerged as an alternate universe as opposed to Earth-2. While Earth-2 contains Popular Superheroes who are members of the Justice Society superhero team, Earth-3 is actually inhabited by a Crime Society supervillain team consisting of Johnny Quick (evil Flash), Owlman (evil Batman), Power Ring (evil Green Lantern), Super -Woman (Wonder Woman), Ultraman (evil Superman), Deadeye (evil Hawkeye), and many more.

Then after the Flashpoint incident, Earth-3 grew even more popular after reintroducing the Crime Society supervillain team as Crime Syndicate, to be precise in the Justice League Vol comics. 2 released in 2013’s New 52 era . At this point, Earth-3 is described in more detail as the cradle of evil that doesn’t care about right or wrong, because in this alternate universe strength is everything and anyone who is weak deserves to perish. The Crime Syndicate team is also depicted as the opposite of the Justice League that reigned in a sadistic way on Earth-3.

Basically, the way Earth-3 actually works is the same as other universes in general, namely there are laws and police, as well as the creatures in it. However, instead of fighting against evil, they all live for their own purposes. And the superhumans on Earth-3 whose superhero status is ambiguous, are portrayed as selfish and ambitious, where they will not hesitate to oppress others and even kill if they think it is necessary.

Many Tough Characters
In addition to the aforementioned superhumans, Earth-3 is also home to other evil superheroes, such as the Emerald Ring which is another identity of the Power Ring, Deathstorm which is described as the evil version of Firestorm which was once told to attack the main Earth with Crime Syndicate, the evil version. The cyborg named Grid, Sea King who was introduced as the opposite of Aquaman, even Colonel Sunder whose name alone is quite clear that he is Colonel Sander KFC who always chooses easy ways to enrich himself.

In addition to these evil superheroes, there are also good characters who are actually in the main universe described as supervillains. And the good characters in Earth-3 are the most popular of them are Alex Luthor and Jokester. As a good version of Lex Luthor, Alex is a character who helps the multiverse superheroes to defeat the Anti-Monitor in Crisis on Infinite Earths, since then he even continues to travel around the multiverse to save him at all costs.

And the Joker, who is the opposite of the main Joker, is a clown and an ordinary comedian whose life changes after Owlman comes and rips his mouth, making his face smile permanently. Knowing that his world isn’t all right, the Joker vows to fight crime and protect Gotham city from the threat of the power of Owlman and his sidekick Talon, the evil version of Robin on Earth-3.

Earth-3 Adaptations in Other Media
Of the many universes in DC Comics, Earth-3 is one that is quite often adapted into other forms of media. This can happen because in large part it is caused by the involvement of the Crime Syndicate in various stories, such as what happened in the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold when Batman had time to face Owlman from Earth-3. Then this evil alternative universe has also appeared in the animated film Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010), where the Justice League is said to have defeated the Crime Syndicate thanks to the help of Alex Luthor.

Variations of Earth-3 have also been described in the live action universe Arrowverse. But the difference in the Arrowverse, Earth-3 is an alternative universe of good superheroes, and instead Earth-2 is depicted as a universe of bad characters. Another interesting fact about Earth-3 in the Arrowverse is that this alternate universe is said to have been destroyed during an attack by the supervillain Anti-Monitor. In addition to animation and live action shows, Earth-3 has also been described in the video game Lego DC Super-Villains (2018) as the origin of Crime Syndicate, just like in the comics.

With its long history in DC Comics, as well as its appearance in various media, it’s pretty clear that Earth-3 is one of DC’s most important alternate universes. For now, we can read the latest story of Earth-3 and Crime Syndicate in the comic War for Earth-3 by Robbie Thompson and Dennis Hopeless, where Suicide Squad, Teen Titans, and Flash from the main universe, are trying to block access to Earth-3. to the multiverse. That’s the discussion about Earth-3, the home of the evil superheroes in the DC Universe.