DC Comics Fans Get Closer! Here Are Unique Facts About The Batman Movie

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The figure of Bruce Wayne is back in the movie The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson. The movie is directed by Matt Reeves and officially airs on March 2.

The Batman follows Bruce Wayne second year as the Caped Crusader. He will face off against Gotham City villains like The Riddler (Paul Dano) and Penguin (Colin Farrell).

The movie will follow the puzzle-solving story of Batman from The Riddler, a Gotham serial killer who hunts down the city elite

However, the hunt instead leads Wayne to a clue that reveals the big secrets of Gotham and his family in the past.

1. Goodfellas-Inspired Violent Scenes

Director Matt Reeves revealed that Martin Scorsese movie Goodfellas inspired him in terms of the intensity of the choreography of the fight scenes.

As Premiere reported some time ago, Matt Reeves wanted the brutality of Goodfellas’ style. The scene in question is when Henry Hill beats a man with the butt of his gun.

2. Robert Pattinson Batman Fan

The main character, Robert Pattinson, is a Batman fan. This was mentioned and acknowledged by Matt Reeves in an interview with Esquire some time ago.

Reeves, who was monitoring Pattinson to become a potential Batman actor, later learned that Robert Pattinson was also a big fan who had been eyeing the audition.

3. Robert Pattinson audition

Even though Reeves was convinced of Pattinson potential, he still asked Robert Pattinson to audition for the lead role of The Batman.

At that time, Pattinson wore a Batman cloak or Val Kilmer Batsuit from Batman Forever. Val Kilmer is one of a number of actors who have played the character of Bruce Wayne before.

4. Inspired by Kurt Cobain

Apart from adapting various Batman comics, Matt Reeves also said that the late musician Kurt Cobain inspired the writing of Bruce Wayne character.

Kurt Cobain tragic and complicated death matched Bruce Wayne psychological torment. It helps to present Batman as a mysterious character that provides multiple interpretations.

5. No R-Rated

Many fans have speculated that The Batman will appear as an R-rated or adult-rated movie. This developed after the trailer footage released some time ago appeared to show scenes of violence by Batman.

However, producer Dylan Clark said they never planned to give the movie an adult rating.

Director Matt Reeves also admitted that he was happy that The Batman was classified as PG-13 because it could reach a wider audience.

6. Taxi Driver Effect

Not only Goodfellas, Matt Reeves also sought inspiration from other Martin Scorsese movies for The Batman. Travis Bickle character in Taxi Driver also inspired Reeves to portray Bruce Wayne.

Because, he is described as a character with an unstable and dangerous mental state. This situation is more or less the same as the mental condition of Bruce Wayne in the story of The Batman.

7. Penguin Makeup Duration

Colin Farrell underwent a transformation that took fans by surprise when he first appeared as Penguin. Because, he is depicted accurately according to the embodiment in comic books.

In an interview with Variety some time ago, he admitted that the process of turning himself into the Penguin in The Batman took quite a long time, up to four hours.

The transformation shocked those around him, from his co-stars to the child who claimed to be horrified to see him as the Penguin in The Batman.