Dark Season 2 Series Review: Fate is Inevitable


The Dark season 2 series provides many answers to questions in the first season , but at the same time adds new questions that make you dizzy. But, that’s what fans expect; unpredictable and thought-provoking story. As a result, this Netflix original TV series remains a bingeable spectacle . The following is a review and discussion of the Dark season 2 series.

Sinopsis serial Dark season 2
At the end of the first season, Jonas is trapped in a future where the city of Winden is in a post-apocalyptic condition due to a disaster. Jonas was trying to find a way to change the future by going back to the past. Other characters also attempt to change their future by “editing” the past after learning about the existence of a time machine. Can they change destiny?

Balanced, well-balanced drama and science fiction
In season 1, the small town drama is more pronounced. The problem of the four families that is the center of the story dominates from beginning to end. We are presented with stories of infidelity, love triangles, or family problems that are not harmonious. The story of the passage of time is relatively small because we are still asked to grope about what really happened.

Well, in season 2, the portion of the time travel story along with the theories is given a balanced portion with the drama. This is a good decision because since season 1 we have been curious and confused about the concept of time travel used by this series.

But strangely, instead of understanding more, the explanation of the concept of time travel that was presented throughout season 2 made us even more confused, in a good sense. Yes, Dark season 2 is more confusing than season 1.

The audience is only given a break for one episode in this season which brings us to relax our brains from the complexity of the time travel story. This episode presents the warmth of the Winden townspeople in their neighbors before the “fire nation strikes.”

Maybe this is the question that the Dark season 2 series wants to answer. Since the characters whose lives are full of tragedies know how to go back in time, of course there will be thoughts of changing the past.

But changing the past is not that easy because Dark uses the bootstrap paradox concept .

The bootstrap paradox is a concept in which the events or information that causes a time loop do not have a clear origin, but appear on their own. If the cause of the “knot” is unknown, how can we break the time loop, right?

This is a reflection of an unchangeable destiny. Whatever is done to change the past, the future will remain the same. The tragedy that you want to change is bound to happen. We may even be the ones who caused the tragedy if we persisted in trying to change it.

This is proof that the creators of the Dark series, Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, are not only good at writing time travel stories but also dramas full of tragedy and irony. So, don’t play with time.

Seeing Jonas, Ulrich, and other characters trying their best to change their destiny makes us sad and sad because of this bootstrap paradox concept.

Honestly, I want Jonas to have a better future. He’s been through a lot of trouble. Once in a while there is a girl who likes him, eh it turns out to be her own aunt. Were Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, that cruel? Does not seem.

If the time loop cycle that occurs in the city of Winden is impossible to change, of course the story in season 3 can be a bit bland. In other words, we already know what will happen. Therefore, the creator of the Dark series adds to the multiverse concept.

Maybe this multiverse concept will be the key to break the time loop cycle that occurs once every 33 years in the city of Winden. But maybe not. Just the title Dark. How do you know the ending is “dark.” And Jonas couldn’t be happy. Hu Hu.

The Dark season 2 series is able to maintain its charm in presenting a complicated story but still enjoyable to watch. By using the concept of bootstrap paradox and multiverse, the drama of the city of Winden becomes even more delicious to eat.

Dark will continue into season 3 which will also be the last season. This was confirmed by the creator himself on his personal Instagram .