Dancing demands, BTS Suga is required to be diligent in sports but refuses to have a muscular body


On one occasion, Suga BTS revealed that he felt cheated by Bang Si Hyuk.

Suga was promised to be included in a group that only relies on his vocals and rap skills, but instead entered as a member of BTS .

As is known, BTS has a complicated dance, that’s what makes Suga required to do sports .

Singing and dancing at the same time is not an easy thing, exercising is one of the mandatory exercises in order to perform optimally.

Unlike Jungkook who often shows off his body muscles , the owner of the real name Min Yoongi doesn’t want his body to be muscular.

On one occasion, the producer of the song ‘That That’ checked himself into a hospital and said that his muscle strength was weak.

The owner of the name Min Yoongi is indeed known as the most lazy BTS member , he can even sleep for twenty hours.

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When BTS goes on tour around the world, of course, his stamina will be required to stay in top shape, for that he becomes diligent in exercising.

I’ve checked into the hospital and he said my muscle strength is weak, but during the tour I continue to exercise like this, said Suga .

According to him, the cooling stage after a hot exercise is important because it can make his condition better.

After the cool- down, my condition feels different, yesterday I did it too so I feel better today, he continued.

Just like athletes who always cool down after sports, Suga never misses that part either.

Jimin who accompanied him to exercise satisfied laughing when he saw his cute and adorable expression when the cooling session was over.

Unlike Jungkook who often shows off his ABS, the BTS member who was born on March 9, 1993 doesn’t even want his body to be muscular.

What if I’m muscular, I can’t do this, ah, don’t let me be muscular, he continued.

The second hyung of BTS said that if his body had muscles, maybe he should be the captain of Korea.