Dac Dac Island – Mother Goddess Thien Linh Cai (2022) marks Tieu Vy’s first time “taking charge” of the main role in a movie, Sam returns to the big screen after 5 years

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Thriller film Dac Island – Tu Mau Thien Linh Cai chose the main role.

In 2019, the movie That Son Tam Linh and the series Thien Linh Cai – The Untold Story with the story of the true charms case in Vietnam have attracted a large number of domestic and international audiences. After 2 years, horror movie believers are again expanded with the news that Thien Linh has officially re-appeared with a darker and more evil version through the movie title: Dac Dac Island – Tu Mau Thien Linh Cai .

The terrifying secret of the Mother of Heaven’s Spirit

Just like That Son Spirituality , Doc Dac Island – Tu Mau Thien Linh Caiis both a spiritual thriller or amulet, and condemns superstition and those who act wickedly by the belief placed in the divine amulet in Southeast Asia. However, Doc Dac Island – Mother Goddess Thien Linh Cai opens up a new level of evil, that is Mother Mother Thien Linh – the highest and also brutal form of this amulet.

Different from the silhouette and mysterious charms in the first teaser poster announced in early April. The second teaser poster of the movie is curious by the image of a woman with the upper half of the body being human, but coming to the next part. A fish tail appeared on the leg. Along with the name Dac Dac Island – Tu Mau Thien Linh Cai , this creepy mermaid image plays a very important role, evoking many thoughts of a deadly island and containing many horrible secrets.

This time, almost the entire team of Thien Linh Cai – Spiritual That Son will continue to participate in creating the story of Dac Dac Island – Tu Mau Thien Linh Cai , including director Le Binh Giang, producer Le Thanh Phong, Producer Nguyen Cao Tung. This is also the same team that has also produced and co-produced many successful films such as I See Yellow Flowers on Green Grass, Let Me Be Closer to You, The Girl From Yesterday, Super Stupid Superstar. .

Director Le Binh Giang, besides participating in the spiritual That Son – Thien Linh Cai , has also had many impressive products and won many awards at domestic and foreign film festivals such as the Certificate of Merit at the Vietnam Film Festival. 2011, Best Director of the 2017 New York Asian Film Festival, the Highest Award of the 2015 Wildfest Film Festival, the Jury of the Five Flavors Film Festival 2017… Most recently, he and director Tran Thanh Huy (film Rom ) are two directors. Viet won the Busan Film Foundation’s prize.

Tieu Vy – Sam is acting in a horror movie for the first time

Miss Tieu Vy

Besides the first images of Doc Dac Island – Tu Mau Thien Linh Cai also officially announced the cast that will appear in the film: Sam, Tieu Vy, Phuong Lan, Tran Nghia, Tran Phong, Minh Du and Hoang Yen Chibi. These are all names that have created hundreds of billions of success for famous movie series, and at the same time, the appearance of a new factor – Miss Tieu Vy.

After 5 years since the movie Hundred Billion Superstar Super Stupid , Sam officially returned to the big screen with the first horror film project in his acting career. The strength of the actress is the character line with a gentle, honest interior and the scenes that “get tears” from the audience.

Returning to Dac Dac Island – Tu Mau Thien Linh Cai – a mysterious and dark spiritual horror film, Sam’s acting becomes a factor that makes fans extremely anticipating. Will Sam be able to break the pure and holy image that has been attached to him for many years in this new role? Or how she will bring the devilish and dark performances that make fans have “A eyes, O mouth”, all will be answered in Dac Dac Island – Tu Mau Thien Linh Cai .

For the first time in the cinema with a film with bold colors of horror with many spiritual elements, Tieu Vy will definitely be an interesting “unknown”. Known as a Queen with modern and attractive beauty, Tieu Vy is always impressed by the Beauty/Fashion photo sets with the “immeasurable” charisma and extremely diverse image transformations.

However, in the seventh art, she is still a new face, but is considered by the audience to be quite potential. Therefore, the main role in Dac Dac Island – Tu Mau Thien Linh Cai will be a milestone marking Tieu Vy’s efforts in the field of art, and at the same time, bringing a promising “new breeze” to the film series. horror – spirituality.

Recently, Tran Phong had an impressive display when he appeared at the end of the horror film Ghost Story Near Home “storming” the box office. However, Thien Linh Cai is Tran Nghia’s first spiritual-horror film project. Having taken away the tears of millions of viewers when transforming into a passionate teacher Ngan, the audience did not wait for the actor’s completely new and unexpected return.

In addition, the participation of the duo specializing in the treatment of humorous but profound forms Minh Du – Phuong Lan is expected to bring moments of light entertainment, helping to balance emotions for viewers. Notably, the return of Hoang Yen Chibi – who used to hold the “key” role of Thien Linh Cai, is even more surprising about the following royal secrets.

Doc Dac Island – Tu Mau Thien Linh Cai is expected to premiere in late 2022 and will be distributed nationwide by Lotte Entertainment.