Cry Macho, Clint Eastwood’s latest film, hits the US box office


Cry Macho, Clint Eastwood’s latest film, hit the charts at the US box office, ranking as the eighth worst theatrical release.

The Coronavirus pandemic caused various theaters around the world to remain closed and many of the most anticipated releases were forced to be postponed until later. Fortunately, little by little theaters are filled with exciting premieres and, with them, with viewers eager to see the film on the big screen again.

However, not all of the most anticipated releases were received with the same intensity. At least in the United States. Even though Shang-Chi held the first spot at the box office, the new Clint Eastwood failed to maintain its kind and was named one of the worst film releases in the country.

We’re referring, of course, to Cry Macho, the latest film by the legendary actor and filmmaker that, beaten by the most popcorn premieres, hasn’t finished taking off in theaters and has hit the box office with just a little over 4.5 million. dollars at 3,967 theaters, according to Variety.

The failure of Cry Macho at the US box office was due to several factors. One of the main ones is the fact that Warner has decided to launch all of its premieres simultaneously both in theaters and on the HBO Max streaming service, which does not support theater attendance.

On the other hand, the release of Cry Macho along with other strong premieres like Shang-Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings or Dune didn’t help Clint Eastwood’s films to stand out especially, something that usually happens in independent theaters. .

In addition, the poor reviews of Cry Macho have caused many audiences not to see the film in theaters, resulting in very low collections in the first days of its release.

It remains to be seen how such a reception will be Clint Eastwood’s latest internationally, with the film premiere of Cry Macho in theaters in Spain slated for this Friday, September 24, 2021. Are you going to the cinema to see it?

Clint Eastwood’s Western Cry Macho from Warner Bros. didn’t do much at the box office last weekend, opening with $4.4 million in 3,967 theaters in third place. The image also lacked the grit in homes on HBO Max, attracting just 693,000,000 U.S. households over the weekend according to Samba TV.

In a year of day-and-date theatrical streaming experiments by Warner Bros., it’s a continuing trend that when a film is great, it translates (to some extent) at the box office and in viewers’ homes on HBO Max. And when the film doesn’t resonate in theaters, it won’t happen in homes either; we saw this last weekend with Malignant James Wan, who paled in service and in theaters.

The latest film by Eastwood received blasé from critics with 52% on Rotten Tomatoes and moviegoers with a B CinemaScore. There’s nothing to rush, and nothing to change the channel.

While Warner Bros. will make changes to its theatrical release schedule next year, returning the title to an exclusive window in theaters, all of these days and dates continue to spark questions.

Most immediately, it involves the all-star sci-fi epic film Legendary and Warner Bros. Dune hitting HBO Max and domestic theaters October 22. The Denis Villeneuve-directed film has wowed audiences on the festival circuit and early screenings with a current 90. % fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and off to a great start overseas (which isn’t on HBO Max) at $37M+. Those who have enjoyed Dune want to see a Villeneuve sequel to, like, stat. Will HBO Max make big profits? Or could the film be spectacular in US theaters and on service at the same time? Is there a limit to how high these HBO Max theater titles can be unlocked as they are free for HBO subscribers?

Godzilla vs. Kong from Legendary/Warner Bros. is the only day-and-date HBO Max game to gross over $100 million, and it posted a stellar opening weekend ($48.1 million over five days) on domestic BO and pulled HBO Max. solid (3.6 million per Samba TV over the same timeframe; 5.1 million US households through three weekends) draw. What would it take in terms of sheer domestic box office and HBO Max screenings to warrant Dune 2?

In addition, Warner Bros. has enjoyed streaming services in recent years as a cornerstone for risky adult box office bets. Fall 2019 saw many prestigious films from Burbank, CA die many, namely, The Goldfinch ($5.3 million domestic final), Brooklyn Without Mother ($9.3 million), Blinded by the Light ($11.9 million) ) and The Good Liar ($17.1 million). Now Warner Bros owns HBO Max, and there’s evidence that hwa these films are not very flashy on the service, is it better to give this type of film an exclusive theatrical window? Even if the film does well at the box office, a purely theatrical release raises the profile of the film, and creates the sort of premium value around it that will take it to the next window. A film with a theatrical release stands out more on the crowded streaming menu, right? Next to good or bad box office. Again, blame the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for letting the flowing fox into the chicken coop, and rocking (or detracting from) any kind of theatrical release for Oscar bait movies.