Crush pressured to sing at the wedding, it’s because of BTS


The influence of BTS is undeniable, especially juniors like Crush who also feel the tension when standing in front of a global group.


On October 1, male singer Crush appeared on the show “Knowing Brothers” as a guest on the opportunity to return with a music product. Accompanying the vocalist of “With You” this time are female singer Bibi and announcer JaeJae. Here, Crush shared about the collaboration song with j-hope (BTS) as well as revealed an interesting story at a wedding last year.


Accordingly, the owner of the hit “Don’t Forget” said that he and j-hope have been close friends for a long time. Because of their long-term relationship, the BTS member asked him to come join the fun and sing congratulatory songs at his sister’s wedding. It is known that j-hope’s sister got married to an outsider in May with the presence of family, relatives and of course BTS members. Crush recalled how it felt when performing the hit song “Beautiful” at the ceremony: “I went up to the stage and started performing, but in front of me were BTS sunbaenims sitting there. I feel like I’m in an audition when I have to face such a world-class star.”

Crush’s humorous sharing made the studio laugh and they completely sympathized with the male singer’s situation. At the request of the MCs at the studio, he performed “Beautiful” – the song that “stormed” his once. On the other hand, the latest single in collaboration with j-hope called “Rush Hour” was released on September 22 and quickly reached nearly 20 million views after more than a week of release. Not only did the BTS member harmonize and side-by-side with the vocalist “Mayday” in the MV, the BTS member also participated in making the song at the writing stage for the lyrics. At the moment, the MV “Rush Hour” ranks at No.20 on the global music video chart on the YouTube platform.