Crush Collaboration Songs with SM Entertainment Idols, Is There Your Favorite?


Shin Hyo Seob or better known by his stage name Crush is an R&B and hip – hop singer under the agency P NATION.

Even though the musician is currently serving in the military, Crush’s songs can still be a mainstay that you can listen to anytime and anywhere.

During his career, Crush has often collaborated with various artists in the South Korean music industry. Crush has also collaborated several times with idol stars from SM Entertainment, you know.

A number of works have been released with stars from SM Entertainment, along with collaboration songs.

Don’t Forget
The song “Don’t Forget” was released on January 22, 2016. This song is Crush’s first collaboration with SM Entertainment idols , you know. Easy listening , Crush’s vocals and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon in the song “Don’t Forget” are suitable for you to listen to when relaxing.

One of Those Nights
SHINee’s Key hired Crush to collaborate on the lead single on his first studio album, “One of Those Nights”. It doesn’t make you bored even if you listen to it repeatedly, this song can be your friend doing homework at night. Guaranteed fun!

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Starry Night
Released on December 11, 2019, “Starry Night” is the result of the amazing vocal harmonization of two South Korean soloists, namely BoA and Crush. You can listen to the main song from BoA’s second mini album with the same title while driving, you know.


Red Velvet’s Joy became the fourth idol from SM Entertainment to collaborate with Crush. The song “Mayday” tells about the stress and boredom of being at home during the pandemic. You can also hum along when you listen to the song.

“Let Me Go”
Crush is collaborating again with Taeyeon through the song “Let Me Go” which was released on October 20, 2020. The harmonization of the two golden voices is unquestionable. Always comfortable on the ear!

It’s never wrong to choose a duet partner, Crush and a number of SM Entertainment idols above have succeeded in producing musical works that are addictive to the ear. Of the five songs above, which one is your favourite?

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