Cropped Batman and Joker Scenes from The Batman Finally Released


At the end of the film The Batman (2022), the Riddler who has been detained in Arkham prison looks frustrated to see the success of Batman being broadcast on TV.

In the midst of Riddler’s moment of frustration, a mysterious figure from the cell next to Riddler suddenly invites Riddler to speak. However, the character is made so mysterious that even his face is not shown clearly.

Shortly after The Batman was released, director Matt Reeves confirmed that the mysterious figure who spoke to the Riddler at Arkham was the Joker. In addition, Reeves also revealed that the Joker was supposed to appear in as many as two scenes, but one of the scenes was deleted because it was considered less successful for the whole narrative.

The cut Joker scene turned out to show the villain’s meeting with Batman. Now, your curiosity about the Batman and Joker meeting scene has finally been answered! No need to wait any longer, Warner Bros.

The scene opens with Batman visiting the Joker who has been detained at Arkham. Batman goes to the Joker to find out what the villain thinks about the puzzle left by the Riddler. As Reeves has revealed, the Joker greeted Batman by saying, “It’s almost our anniversary, isn’t it?

Compared to his appearance during a chat with the Riddler, the Joker’s appearance in the video above looks more obvious, although his face is still a little blurry. There is no doubt that the Joker version of The Batman has a very terrible appearance with a face and head that is so crushed, and a very disheveled haircut that even has a bald head!

For information, the Joker in The Batman is played by Barry Keoghan, an actor who also plays Druig in Eternals (2021). What do you think about Keoghan’s performance as the Joker in the cut?