Cristiano Ronaldo would regret having returned to Manchester United, according to world excrack

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During an interview, Ruud Gullit slipped that the Portuguese striker does not feel comfortable with his return to the Red Devils.

Apparently, Cristiano Ronaldo is not having a good time at Manchester United. The bad football moment that he has been going through in the Old Trafford box, for some years, seems to have overwhelmed the patience of the Portuguese player.

In full preseason of the English team, the rumors of a possible departure of ‘CR7′ increased. He was even closely related to Atlético de Madrid . However, the presence of the Portuguese in recent Premier League meetings with United seems to have cleared up any doubts about his progress.

This would not prevent the striker from regretting having returned to the Manchester giant. This was pointed out by Ruud Gullit , a former Dutch soccer player, in an interview with Laureus.

I have the feeling that ‘CR7’ regrets having returned to Manchester United,though he doesn’t say so. He hoped the performance would be better and show everyone who criticized him how valuable he is, he noted.

The winner of Euro 1988 and multi-champion with AC Milan was also encouraged to dedicate a few words to his compatriot Erik ten Hag, Red Devils strategist. If you come to the Premier with a Dutch mentality, you have to adapt. Matches are not only won with football, but also with strength and energy, he added.

Finally, Gullit criticized the actuality of the English painting. Now the players want to go to Liverpool, Manchester City or Chelsea. United is no longer the team to beat and, from the club, they must change their mentality, he sentenced.