Cristiano Ronaldo and the Tuwir but Gacor Players in the 2021/22 Season


Soccer players generally have an active age of up to 35 years. Some of those who have passed that age will usually prepare for retirement, or are studying coaching to continue their careers.

In fact, big names like Samir Nasri, who was victorious in his time, retired early at the age of 34 years. He was born in the same year as his teammate Benzema who actually performed great and was able to become the main focus of scoring goals for France.

Samir Nasri was highlighted by several football fans after his comeback with his body being labeled fat by netizens. However, currently there are still many players who are over 35 years old who are still actively playing and are the main focus and main star of the team they defend.

We have compiled specifically for bolaneters, at least six of the best players are over 35 years old. Anyone? Here is the complete list below.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan is a very great striker from the 2000s to the modern era today. He is one of the best players who are still healthy and actively playing with AC Milan until now.

This 40-year-old man has won and won various trophies with Ajax, AC Milan, Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan, Manchester United and PSG. He has successfully played in various European teams and won trophies thanks to his stable game so far.

Currently he has recovered from injury and is ready to return to grazing with AC Milan, who is currently in second place to win the Scudetto.

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Thiago Silva
This tough Brazilian defender is a defender who is highly respected today even though he is already 37 years old. Silva is a tough person, he is capable of aerial duels and is still great at fighting one on one.

Currently he is strengthening Chelsea after leaving PSG as a legend with various trophies won, for the record, Silva has managed to help every team he defends into great teams such as AC Milan, Chelsea and PSG.

The Brazilian is still capable of battling great Premier League strikers, in contrast to team-mate David Luiz who often made blunders when he was at Arsenal.

Giorgio Chiellini
Chiellini is a great Juventus legend besides Buffon. He has played since 2005 with Juventus and has turned into a great central defender.

At that time he started his career as a left back with Juve, but when he appeared as a center back, he was able to lead and defend well with Juventus.

Until now he is still actively playing with Juventus and Italy, previously he also won the Euro 2020 trophy with Italy. He also helped Juventus win the Scudetto in a row from the 2011/12 season to 2019/20.

Success with Real Madrid in winning La Decima with his partner Sergio Ramos, Pepe is still actively playing with Porto and is still a regular as Portugal’s main defender.

He was a successful player while defending Porto at an age that was no longer young. Pepe is still able to run and defend like a young defender who is still very good at securing goals.

He also successfully helped Portugal win the Euro and UEFA Nations League with team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo in 2016.

Luka Modric
The midfielder who is currently still following the Ballon d’Or nominations is still able to appear stable and help El Real in carrying out various attacks.

Coming with the most failed transfer status, he has successfully won three consecutive UCL titles with Real Madrid and won La Liga twice.

His presence with the Croatian national team is also very crucial, as proven in 2018, he was able to lead Croatia to the World Cup final, even though he had to submit to France, who was very great at that time.

Together with Real Madrid and the Croatian national team, he was also able to get the Ballon d’Or trophy in the era of Messi and Ronaldo after the name Kaka who had won the trophy in an era that was dominated by Ronaldo and Messi at that time. Now he who is 36 years old will play his last World Cup match in 2022 with Croatia.

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Cristiano Ronaldo
Just like Pepe, Ronaldo is still a regular with the national team and is often the greatest player who is very influential in every Portugal victory. He is still one of the best players by proving himself to be the top scorer of Serie A, the top scorer of Euro 2020, and the top scorer of all time in the Euro and international arena.

The player, nicknamed GOAT, who won five Ballon d’Or, is even still very good in terms of goal productivity after he switched sides from a winger to a striker.

Even though he is 36 years old, his name still makes various goalkeepers and defenders very scared when they meet him. Now Ronaldo is back at Old Trafford and wants to immediately help the Red Devils to erase their title fasting status.

In fact, his rival Messi himself seemed to have a declining performance at the age of 33 years, even though at that time Ronaldo was still able to win a UCL hat-trick for El Real and was still a goal machine.

With his fitness and a very healthy life, Ronaldo may still be actively playing for the next 5 to six years consistently and still be able to compete to be the best.