Criminal Korean Dramas About the Actions of a Group of Master Fraudsters


Korean dramas are always interesting to discuss. Besides being fun, we will also witness various stories with different genres. One of them is the crime genre that tells the story of a group of people who commit fraud.

For those who like to watch the actions of master con artists, here are the drama recommendations that you can watch. Come on, see the review until the end, yes!



1. Private Lives (2020)
Private Lives (2020) is a JTBC drama that tells the story of a group of con artists who discover state secrets and try to uncover those secrets. They had to fight the big companies using all the skills they had.

The drama, directed by Nam Gun, starring Ko Gyung Pyo and SNSD’s Seohyun, has a pretty interesting storyline. According to data from AGB Nielsen Korea, Private Lives managed to achieve the highest rating in its first episode, which was 2.5 percent.


2. Leverage (2019)
Leverage (2019) is a drama remake of the American series of the same name. The TV Chosun drama, which was worked on by Nam Ki Hoon, the director of the drama Voice 3 (2019), won the highest rating in the ninth episode, which is 2.28 percent.

If you want to watch it, this drama is about Lee Tae Joon (Lee Dong Gun), a former insurance claims investigator turned fraud strategist. He teams up with a group of ex-criminals to bring to justice a fellow conman who is difficult to punish through ordinary legal channels.

3. Player (2018)
Player (2018) tells the story of a group of con artists, namely Kang Ha Ri (Song Seung Heon), Cha Ah Ryung (Krystal), Im Byung Min (Lee Si Un) and Do Jin Woong (Tae Won Suk). With their respective abilities, they have a mission to eradicate crime in their own way, namely stealing and deceiving people who are considered worthy of their wealth.

With acting skills and an exciting storyline, the OCN drama directed by Go Jae Hyun, the director of the drama Black (2017) received a very good response. According to AGB Nielsen Korea , the highest rating gain was in the last episode, which was 5.8 percent for viewers on a national scale.

4. Switch: Change the World (2018)
Sa Do Chan (Jang Geun Suk) is an accomplished con artist who previously failed to become a prosecutor. He and his colleagues often commit fraudulent actions against rich people.

One day, he meets Oh Ha Ra (Han Ye Ri), a young prosecutor who thinks of her as his senior prosecutor named Baek Joon Soo. Do Chan then uses his skills to catch bad people who are looking for loopholes around the law.

Based on data from AGB Nielsen Korea , the drama titled Switch: Change the World (2018) directed by Nam Tae Jin won the highest rating in the second episode, which was 7.9 percent. For those who want to watch, this drama can be watched on SBS and VIU TV channels.

5. 38 Task Force (2016)
38 Task Force (2016) tells the story of Baek Seong Il (Ma Dong Seok), a task force unit head from Seoul City Hall, South Korea and Yang Jeong Do (Seo In Guk), a con man. The two then work together to collect taxes for people who don’t want to pay them.

At the time of its broadcast, the drama directed by Han Dong Hwa received a fairly good rating according to AGB Nielsen Korea, which was 4.55 percent. For those who want to watch, this drama can be watched on the OCN Cable TV channel.

Until now, there are many criminal Korean dramas with interesting storylines. Like the series of dramas above is a story about a group of people who commit fraud to achieve their goals.