‘Crash Landing on You’ is my first time in K-Drama world


The modes of streaming are incomprehensible, and they create even more intense lines of discovery, disclosure, and indebtedness, enhanced by the vast amount of content that inhabits the platform’s servers. After my religious experience – never in a better word – with ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’, the unlikely next step on my to-do list has finally taken me, against all odds, straight into the broad – and, as far as I’m concerned, unexplored – K-drama territory.

After seeing how my partner’s obsession with South Korean television fiction had developed into an insatiable monster that had devoured most of Netflix’s massive catalog, my interest in this type of production gradually increased. A few days ago, out of curiosity contrary to my expectations, I decided to accompany him while he watched the first chapter of a series that had just begun. Twenty minutes later I was completely hooked.

The K-drama in question is ‘Crash Landing on You’ , directed by Lee Jung-hyo – responsible for the Korean remake of ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ which was rated fantastically – and offers a hodgepodge of genres that impossible. and the tone condensed into a 70 minute pill that was previously hard not to fall asleep to. An episodic marvel is crowned by the overflowing chemistry between its main partners, which makes newbies like me understand at a glance why this type of product has a giant fandom established around the world.

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While I’m still surprised by how much I enjoyed ‘Crash Landing on You’, it’s understandable that the series has generated an instant love reaction in me if we take into account its strong premise. In it, the young, beautiful and rich – and a little extravagant – heir to a powerful South Korean company has a paragliding accident that ends up landing him in a wooded area of ​​the Joint Security Area that separates the two Koreas.

After a series of bad decisions made during the jarring first chapter, which capitalize on dramatic irony, Yoon Se-ri will end up unknowingly accessing North Korea, where she will be protected by a military officer and his small group. from trusted soldiers until they get him out of the country—or not.

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With this approach, ‘Crash Landing on You’ can be corseted into any genre that comes to mind; But one of its biggest appeals is that it doesn’t impose limits on itself and opts to offer crazy cocktails where there’s room for the most saucy and cheesy romance – and enticing, say – a love triangle with deception and grudge in the middle, a family empire expertly. frustrated heirs and dirty play, military-background thrillers with multiple conspiracies and power plays and even traditional comedies that take advantage of the cultural contrasts experienced by the protagonists. Almost no.

As is often said, who covers a lot, squeezes a little; but in this case, almost miraculously, the concoction works with the precision of a Swiss watch, thanks in large part to the tone that surrounds the story. While the melodramatic outbursts that fill each episode seem to be treated with odd seriousness, it doesn’t take long for a self-awareness to emerge which shows that, deep down, this impossible love story doesn’t take itself—at all—too seriously. ; although the sensations that were successfully transmitted were real.

A very good reason to reach the pinnacle of representation through one of his fantastic characters, called Kim Joo-meok; one of Ri Jeong-hyeok’s underlings, a South Korean K-Drama addict whom he secretly watches after smuggling them, and who not only acts as a liaison – almost a translator – between Yoon Se-ri and her northern neighbor thanks to her television wisdom; It also acts as a metalinguistic component in predicting the next dramatic changes that will occur in the plot, rising as one of the production’s most brilliant and enjoyable narrative sets.

But Joo-meok is just one member of an assortment of protagonists—and antagonists—to frame, and with whom it’s easy to fall in love early. The four charming criminals who make up Jeong-hyeok’s circle of trust, the hypocritical neighbors of the town where Se-ri is sheltering, the disobedient and corrupt group of high-ranking North Korean army officials…they work on paper and are brought to the small screen with great care and great care. effective, but, as expected, they were completely overshadowed by the main duo, played by Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin whose game of gaze, silence , and the movement is only small. an example of incredible chemistry that carries the entire weight of the series on his shoulders.

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If we took into account everything that had been revealed so far, it would be easier to forgive certain formal disturbances that could destroy the nearly indestructible magic circle surrounding ‘Crash Landing on You’; especially related to the incomprehensible montage in certain scenes, and some tacky and anticlimactic chapter endings, which seem to be taken from novels from the 90s – although, as I understand it, this is a constant in K-Drama.

I still have a long way to go with ‘Crash Landing on You’, but for now, I can only celebrate the decision to jump into K-Drama with this excitement. Not expecting it at all I burst out laughing, suffering before climbing impossible obstacles and dramatic twists, and longing to uncover all the dark secrets that some of the characters’ past hides; and this is rare for me with episodic productions. If this is the general trend of what awaits me with South Korean television – cinema has shown me on many occasions to be at the forefront of the media – I think they have just caught a new following.

By the way, if you want to give it a try — don’t be presumptuous, I’m really asking you — you have it on Netflix.