Courtney is a millennial pig who became Leonard’s assistant in The Angry Birds


In fact, she is the first sow in a film to be named. Courtney, who prefers to play with gadgets than work, is arguably the “brain” of the pigs.

Besides Courtney, the new pig character that appears in this second film is Garry. Namely, scientists who have discovered various technologies on Pig Island. But, unfortunately, his discoveries often do not go smoothly. For example, invisible spray. Which can make a person invisible forever.

Meanwhile, from Bird Island, the new bird character is Silver. The one who met Red at the instant dating show. Turns out, she’s Chuck’s sister. Which is equally fast. However, Silver, who graduated in engineering from the Avian Academy, was quick to think. With his intelligence, he could potentially deactivate Zeta’s superweapon.

In addition to the new characters, in this second film, there are also subplot inserts that are worth watching. Namely, the story of the journey of three adorable chicks. Yang tried to save his sister’s three eggs. In addition, there is also a story inside the egg shell. Which features really entertaining jokes.

For those who are not fans of video games, the Angry Birds movie, perhaps, is less interesting. However, do not rush to judge before watching it for yourself. Because, overall, this sequel is indeed quite entertaining.

Visually, it’s much better than the first film. Every detail looks more real. Including, the texture of the feathers on the bodies of the birds. Therefore, it must be admitted, the animation in the second film is indeed more beautiful.

According to John Cohen, the producer entrusted the animation work on the Angry Birds 2 film to Sony Pictures Imageworks. Namely, the studio that previously worked on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018). Which became the Best Animated Film at the 2019 Oscars. Which was praised by many critics.

In fact, Cohen revealed, Sony has formed a special team that focuses on making bird feathers. To make it look real. In addition, they also rebuild the character. So the small details and fur could be better than the first film.

In addition to the slick visualization, the next positive factor is the story: which is light and funny. Even though the story is fast-paced, the Angry Birds 2 movie is still interesting to watch. And, for sure, not as boring as the first film.

The story of the second film is indeed very easy to digest. The behavior of each character has its own cuteness. Especially, when their scene arrived at Eagle Island. Starting from tricking the guards by wearing strange bird costumes, the style of the pigs wearing thick fur coats, to the unexpected breakdance battle.

Therefore, although the story is light and easy to digest, Angry Birds 2 is not only entertaining for children, but also suitable for adults to watch. In fact, in some scenes, there are parents who laugh louder than their children who are watching. This film is a film for all ages.

In addition, Angry Birds 2 is also loaded with moral messages. Which can be used as an example for children. For example, the Silver character. Avian Academy graduate genius bird. That’s very smart. Each of her actions, which are based on those mathematical principles, can encourage girls to study science.