Court battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Deep continues with actress summons to testify to Los Angeles Police


Amber Heard wants the Los Angeles Police to hand over all evidence and documents related to the alleged assault that happened to the couple in 2016.

After five years of love, two of them as husband and wife, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s divorce took more time for their ex and more titles than ever to fill their love affair that began in 2012 and ended. in 2017.

While the trial is still pending Heard’s complaint about alleged domestic violence by the actor against him, for which he sought compensation of 100 million dollars, as well as Depp against the actress for defamation in which he demanded 50 million dollars. , Aquaman’s translator has filed a new subpoena in court, this time for the LAPD.

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As has been published by Deadline, Heard has filed a subpoena in a Los Angeles court for Police to show all documents, videos, and evidence regarding the incident between the couple on May 21, 2016, when agents went to the home they both shared. after a call from the actress claiming that Depp had assaulted her.

The calls were addressed to two special agents Saenz and Hadden, who had testified via telematics in a trial in which Depp tried to get The Sun newspaper to pay him compensation for describing him as a “wife molester.” In this litigation, Saenz had already said that by the time they arrived at the mansion, Heard claimed that Depp had hit him with a cell phone.

However, the police assured that after examining the actress, “she did not see any kind of injury”, other than that the body camera showed a house which was sufficient to witness the fight between the couple.

Reunited by the court, the former marriage continues with their respective careers separately, on the one hand Heard in the story of Aquaman and on the other, Far from a great Hollywood production and with Donostia awards under his belt.

In a subpoena approved by Fairfax County bailiff John Frey on September 20, Heard and his legal team in a $50 million defamation case instigated by the former Pirates of the Caribbean star wanted to take everything they could on the department and quartet of officers. who handled the 2016 domestic nuisance incident between then-wedding Rum Diary co-stars in downtown LA

designated and described below.” Like previous Aquaman star subpoenas, this one centers on body camera footage of Officers Melissa Saenz and Tyler Hadden as they are summoned to Depp and

But now Heard also seems keen to put the officers and two others’ records and reputations in the spotlight in what has become a case of acrimonious dispute over what really happened that spring night five years ago and who the alleged culprits were. abuse who.

in response to a call at the Eastern Columbia Building on May 21, 2016 in honor of Ms. Heard.”

As for the LAPD, so far it has taken a prudent route in response.The department has received a subpoena, a law enforcement source confirmed today.

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Among other material Tim Heard is seeking to sift through are “all documents and communications of any kind respecting any investigation, and any disciplinary action taken against Officers Saenz and Hadden for any conduct up to December 2016.”

Casting further shadows on the LAPD, the subpoena seeks “audit trails for any deletion, modification, or viewing of body camera footage uploaded to by Officers Saenz and Hadden during the period October 1, 2015 to August 1, 2016.”It further states that “this request includes all documents showing the deletion, modification, or serving of a bounty for records uploaded during that time period.”

Saenz and Hadden both testified via satellite to Depp’s failed attempt to sue British tabloid Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun for defamation of a newspaper calling the actor a “wife-beater.” At last year’s trial, Saenz said that while Heard claimed Depp hit him in the face with a cell phone, he himself “did not see any injury.” In addition, footage from

However, as you may recall, photos of Heard going bruised and more on his face soon circulated in the opening salvo of what became a messy public ending to the couple’s brief marriage. In the end, Depp paid out $7 million that Heard said would be donated to groups like the ACLU — a contested series of donations that even his own attorney admitted to Deadline earlier this year had not been fully awarded.