Copa Argentina: Rosario Central takes an old acquaintance for punishment

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At the Unión court, they were bound by Sol De Mayo 1-1 with goals from Gamba and Elgorriaga and then eliminated them 5-3 with punishment. “Bastard” for the team playing in Federal A and who eliminated it in the 2019 edition. Now he will go to Quilmes.

Rosario Central must work more than needed to be able to meet the requirements for the next round of the Copa Argentina, by defeating Sol de Mayo de Río Negro today with a penalty with 5-3, after matching 1 Appeal 1 in the regulation time. Final 32 from the contest.

The “Scoundrel” team has led with a penalty goal by Lucas Gamba, at 15 minutes, but with extraordinary shoes Fabricio Elgorriaga equalized at 26, but everything was determined after 90.

In the sentence, the hero that day was goalkeeper Gaspar Servio, who converted one and saved Iván Escobares.

The central shot was converted by Gamba, Luciano Ferreyra, Walter Montoya, Cervio and Facundo Buonanotte, while the Rio Negro team scored through Franco Flores, Maximiliano Paredes and Matías García.

Now Central will be measured in the next round against Quilmes, who left San Martín de Tucumán on the road.

Central came out determined to win the game, but the Rio Negro team’s approach was quite orderly and he knew how to hold his rival cungkil, which sometimes looked confused.

A ball with the speed of the gamba ended with a naive violation by goalkeeper Nicolás Maza against the striker himself, who changed the penalty approved by Andrés Merlo to goal.

This game is widely completed in midfield, but they share the ball without much precision, until Elgorriaga’s left foot appears and from the left he crosses a beautiful ball that sneaks into the corner of the servio.

The second period found both teams trying to be more than each other, but they were so entangled that they always fell half between what they could and what they wanted.

Because of the differences in the category, the Rosary team that needs to find victory, but they abuse the ball and cross to the area, where Sol De Mayo shows the order staggering -paid off.

Central did not fail on the penalty and secret weapons in Cervio, who scored their goals in an extraordinary way and contained Escobares shots in very good condition to give permission to his team.