Confirmed! Kim Se Jeong to Star in Today’s Webtoon


Kim Se Jeong is currently stealing attention through her role in Business Proposal. After finishing filming, the idol-actress has confirmed her next acting project.
Kim Se Jeong is confirmed to be starring in a Korean drama titled Today’s Webtoon which is an adaptation of the popular Japanese drama, Sleepeeer Hit!. The Japanese drama gained popularity when it aired in 2016.

The Korean adaptation will be titled Today’s Webtoon. Telling the story of a former judo athlete who joins the editorial department of a webtoon, this drama will focus on his struggles to become an expert webtoon editor.
Today’s Webtoon will also showcase the competitive side of the webtoon industry in South Korea.

Kim Se Jeong is confirmed to be starring in the main character, On Ma Eum, who is a new contract employee in the webtoon editorial section. He had to withdraw from his athletic career because of an incident that left him injured.

On Ma Eum is an employee who has a positive nature despite facing many challenges. Kim Se Jeong will show the struggles of a new employee who enters the workforce.

Previously, actor Na In Woo was also being targeted to star in Today’s Webtoon. However, there is still no confirmation whatsoever from the management.

Na In Woo was targeted as the male lead in the Japanese version starring Sakaguchi Kentaro. He is an employee who recalls his struggles when he sees On Mae Eum. In the end, the two became friends who supported each other while staying focused on their respective fields.

Meanwhile, Kim Se Jeong’s action in Business Proposal can still be watched on Netflix. He collided with Ahn Hyo Seop, Seol In Ah, and Kim Min Kyu in this drama.