Commitments to Yourself to Live a Better Quality


Commitment is a term that is heard quite often. If we discuss commitment, of course the first thing that comes to mind is the form of loyalty in a relationship or the loyalty of members to an organization. However, the question is, what about commitment to yourself?

This is definitely an important thing to do. Commitment to yourself is a reflection that you are a person who is responsible and cares for yourself. So, what kind of commitment can make yourself much more qualified? Come on, see the reviews below.

1. Commitment will be someone who holds fast to principles

The principle becomes a grip that has been instilled from childhood. Of course we still remember the stance that as much as possible must be held tightly. Unfortunately, growing up, this is often forgotten, especially when we are entering a new environment.

In fact, holding fast to this principle is important, you know. This is one of the commitments to oneself that makes life much more quality. By sticking to the principles, you will not easily lose your way, let alone be swayed in life.

2. Set aside time to learn new things

As a lifelong learner, it is imperative for us to continue to learn many things in life. Even so, learning is also the hardest thing for most people, especially those who are content to think that their abilities are the most superior.

Taking time to learn new things is one of the important commitments that must be made to yourself in order to live a much better quality of life. Science is constantly evolving and there are always new skills to be learned from time to time.

3. Commitment to focus on achieving what you want to achieve

Each of us would want to achieve the best achievements in life, be it academic achievements, business success, as well as brilliant career paths and positions. However, in reality, achieving this is also difficult. Often we lose focus and find it difficult to concentrate.

One of the commitments to yourself that needs to be implemented in order to live a more quality life is to promise yourself to focus on achieving what you want to achieve. This commitment makes you consistent in trying so that the chances of success are wide open.

4. Promise to be better

Indeed, life is a process to continue to develop into a better person from time to time. However, some of us don’t really understand this. Many want to be able to achieve the best things in life, but it is not matched by the existing efforts.

Of course, this habit must be straightened out. One of the commitments that must be applied to oneself so that the quality of life is increasing is to promise yourself to be better. With an agreement with yourself, you continue to try to develop and hone your skills so that you proceed to become a better person from time to time.

5. Have measurable targets

Achievement is one of the things that must exist in life. Having a target achievement makes us motivated so that we can try our best. However, many of us have unrealistic goals for achieving them. We set targets too high, even beyond our capabilities.

This of course has to be changed. One of the commitments to oneself that makes the quality of life increase is to set achievement targets, but still measurable. That way, you know what efforts must be made and how to achieve them so that they can be achieved optimally.


Commitment to yourself is very important. If you want to have a better quality of life, don’t forget to apply the five commitments above, OK?