Comedy ‘Suddenly won the lottery’ beat the super special effects ‘Avatar’


Released together on September 23, the comedy “Suddenly won the lottery” beat the blockbuster “Avatar“, the film is considered a monument of world cinema’s special effects to become the most popular movie at the Vietnamese box office. .

Over the weekend, many foreign films were shown in Vietnamese cinemas such as Avatar, Suddenly Winning the Lottery, Fearless Hunter: Reincarnation, Million Baht Iguana and a Vietnamese-Japanese co-production called Game of Death God.

It is easy to see in the series that hit theaters at the same time, Avatar is a guaranteed box office blockbuster. Returning after 13 years of release, James Cameron’s blockbuster still retains its position as a monument of special effects in the world cinema with 9 Oscar nominations and won in three categories including: Best Cinematography, Visual Effects. excellent cinematography and excellent art direction.

Avatar – a monument of special effects returns to the big screen

Avatar fans have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful world from CGI . technology

Avatar is the first project to be made entirely with 3D cameras, with about 70% of the editing time using CGI. More than a decade has passed, but there is still no work that can surpass the “brainchild” of director James Cameron.

Even in this return to the big screen, Avatar is shown more vividly and beautifully when the image quality is upgraded to 4K, projected on new formats from 2D, 3D, Imax 3D and 4D to bring a new experience. unprecedented experience. Therefore, before the re-release date, this masterpiece made moviegoers extremely excited.

After 3 days of release, Avatar earned more than 8 billion dong (data from Box Office Vietnam) a “stable” sales, but still behind a rookie who hit theaters on the same day as suddenly won the lottery . This movie theater work of the humorous and fantasy genre from Korea became a fever that made “movie nerds” stand still.

Going back in time to love you , Suddenly winning the lottery is considered the movie that brings the most laughter in 2022.

According to data from BOVN, Suddenly winning the lottery earned more than 24 billion VND in just the weekend and still ranked first in ticket sales. This best-selling film at the Vietnamese box office also created a trend of sharing on social networks when it was described as the funniest work of the year because of the “shaking laughter”, “shaking laughter” that the situations The film’s humor created.

It is known that when it was released in Korea in August, suddenly winning the lottery also created a big fever. The film brought in a total of 12 million USD during its release and was rated by Imdb on a scale of 7.8/10.

Trailer of the movie Suddenly won the lottery

When landing on Vietnamese screens, the film created effects thanks to natural humorous situations, good acting along with translated subtitle content “catching the trend” to bring a feeling of closeness, easier to create laughter than ever. end.