Comeback to Hollywood won the Golden Globes for the best supporting actors for his outside appearance, to Huy Quan won the first Oscar nomination


To Huy Quan recently won the Golden Globes for the best supporting actors for his extraordinary appearance in everything anywhere at once. The actor who has long absent after getting public attention through his work in Indiana Jones and Temple Doom has no plans to rest anymore. Apart from the fact that some of the big projects of Quan are in the process, the actor still wants to work in Indiana Jones and wants to re -display his favorite character in Short Round.

The actor The Everything Everywhere all at Once disappeared from the mainstream film after working in several major films such as Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom and The Goonies. The actor revealed about how he never thought of becoming an actor but still ended with a role in Indiana Jones and Doom Temple as a close friend of the main character.

Short Round, the character played by Huy Quan, is Indy’s best friend who became one of the most popular children of actor in the past. Even Tom Hiddleston could not stop the fanboying of Vietnam-American actor when they were filming for Loki Season 2. Quan distributed their funny meetings with Hiddleston at the Loki Season 2 set location on Podcast.

To Huy Quan wants to return as a short round in Indiana Jones
To Huy Quan, in an interview recently, mentioning how he still wanted to play the character Short Round once more at Indiana Jones. The actor The Everything Everywhere all at Once looks very eager to work in spin-offs from the series that focuses on short round.

In the past, the popular name must have been lost in a decade, but his return to Huy Quan with the Golden Globes award was certainly a testimony of his acting potential. The fact that the fifth film of Indiana Jones titled Indiana Jones and Dial of Destiny will be released on June 30, 2023 and the fact that Lucasfilm, the Indiana Jones owner company, has hinted at the sixth and seventh installments of the series, hoping for Huy Quan should not surprise the audience.

With the increase in the popularity of all actors everywhere at once and seeing his excitement to return in the film series, the producer certainly will not let the brilliant actors and golden opportunities to bring back Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) and his colleague to Huy Quan (Short Round) together, Regardless of their hands.

To Huy Quan returned to the radar of the Hollywood film industry when he made a comeback through everything everything all at once.
Now, the Vietnamese and American bloody actor received his first Oscar nomination for the Best Supporting Actor category thanks to his role as Waymond Wang in the film.

“Oh my God. When I heard my name was announced, I jumped and shouted very loudly,” said Huy Quan after the announcement of the 2023 Oscar nomination, quoted by The Hollywood Reporter, Tuesday (1/23).

Quan said his feelings were similar when he received a call from his manager who said he got a role in everything everything all at once.

The 51 -year -old actor always dreamed of wanting to walk on Oscar’s red carpet. His dream moved away when Quan’s career as a Hollywood actor was stagnant for decades.

However, his dream will soon be realized when the award event will be held on March 12th time.

“When I had to stay away [from Hollywood], the dream vanished. The dream was very far that I did not think one day it would return. That happened and it happened today,” said Huy Quan.

“I never thought that my name would have the prefix ‘Oscar Nomination Actor’. Extraordinary days today,” he continued.

The meal will compete with four other actors in the Best Supporting Actor category in Oscar 2023.

To Huy Quan will compete with four other actors in the Best Actor category in Oscar 2023. He must fight Brendan Gleeson in the film The Banshees of Inisherin, Brian Tyree Henry in Causeway, Judd Hirsch in The Fabelmans, and Barry Keoghan in The Banshees of Inisherin.

In addition, Quan comeback with Brendan Fraser who was nominated for the Best Actor category thanks to his role in the film The Whale.

To Huy Quan also represented Asia’s blood in this year’s Oscar nomination. Michelle Yeoh and Stephanie Hsu, who both starred in everything everything all at once, also nominated.

Yeoh was successfully nominated for the Best Actress category, while HSU was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

Besides them, Hong Chau was also nominated as Best Actress thanks to his role in the film The Whale. Likewise with director Domee Shi whose film, titled Turning Red, was nominated for the best animated feature film.