Columbia Pictures and Ron Howard collaborate again on Film Inferno


The Da Vinci Code has made Dan Brown one of the best-selling and richest authors in the world. Thanks to the novel published in 2003 that has been printed and translated into 40 countries, his name can be side by side with EL James, Stephenie Meyer, and JK Rowling.

In the last 16 years, Dan Brown has managed to dominate the international book publishing industry. The 52-year-old novelist can create new fairy tales. And interpret history. With his genius codes. Therefore, no wonder, since 2000, his novels have sold up to 200 million copies worldwide!

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It was this success that, in the end, made Sony Pictures (through its subsidiary, Columbia Pictures) and Imagine Entertainment (owned by director Ron Howard) dare to bring The Da Vinci Code to the big screen. To be precise, in 2006 ago. After previously buying the rights to film the phenomenal novel from Dan Brown for USD 6 million.

And, as a result, despite receiving negative reviews from critics, the film The Da Vinci Code, was quite successful at the box office. With a capital of “only” USD 125 million, Sony Pictures was able to reap revenues of up to USD 758 million globally.

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After that, his second film, Angels & Demons (2009), which was a prequel to The Da Vinci Code, again received less positive reviews from critics. However, the film adapted from the novel of the same title published in 2000 was, again, able to earn up to USD 485 million globally. Which incidentally is still above the production budget. The “only” USD 150 million.

By bringing Dan Brown’s latest work, entitled Inferno, to the big screen. The 2013 novel is the fourth novel in Robert Langdon’s adventure series.

Meanwhile, Robert Langdon’s third novel, entitled The Lost Symbol (2009), was somehow skipped. Alias ​​not filmed. Some say, one of the reasons The Lost Symbol was skipped is because the story revealed the secret community of Freemasonry. Which, it is said, used to be directly related to the formation of the United States of America.

However, apart from that, some critics think that the story of The Lost Symbol, which is set in Washington, DC, is too similar to the Disney film National Treasure (2004), starring Nicolas Cage. Therefore, Sony Pictures Entertainment then decided to immediately film Inferno. Which is the fourth novel in the Robert Langdon series. And skip the third novel.

Like the two previous films, Ron Howard was again appointed as director by Sony Pictures to work on this third film. To be precise, on July 16, 2013. In terms of achievement, the 62-year-old filmmaker has won the Best Director Oscar for A Beautiful Mind (2001). And has experience spawned many films in various genres? These include Grand Theft Auto (1977), Far and Away (1992), Apollo 13 (1995), Ransom (1996), Cinderella Man (2005), Frost/Nixon (2008), and the true story of Formula 1 racing Rush (2013).
Ron Howard admitted that he deliberately jumped into Inferno, not The Lost Symbol because he wanted to present a different and interesting Robert Langdon story.