Collectors’ Long Wait Reaches The Line Finally, Now Figma Archer Can Be Ordered!


The long wait is over with the appearance of figma Archer in various online shops on the internet. 4, FOUR years of waiting for me and other collectors filled with twists and turns of empty hopes and fake news such as ” Archer will be out with the FateZero anime ” or ” Archer will be bundled with BD-DVD UBW ” all just stories just empty.

Year after year passed, Wonder Festival after Wonder Festival passed through the collectors with no news of Archer. All hope has started to disappear, although some people still want to believe in the existence of this elusive figma but the large number of figma that MIA ( Missing in Action ) always minimizes the light of hope.

Even after the main character figma from Fate Zero was finished, Archer was still missing without any news.

But finally, at the last Wonder Festival, a light appeared from the end of a very dark and long hallway. A glorious feelingNugrahadicovering obsolete collectors, our wait was not in vain, Max Factory finally delivered what we had been waiting for.

What they gave was a souvenir left from 4 years ago, containing all the hope and love from those who apparently didn’t forget Archer. The hands of Masaki Apsy don’t seem to have forgotten what was a prototype four years ago, even made it even better.

Archer looks dashing in his servant clothes, and of course will be much taller than Figma in general, Archer has a height of 16cm, 2 cm taller than figma’s height which is usually 14 cm. However, it is his posture that requires him to have a height that is far above average.

Archer is shown to be coming along with his two trusted swords, Kanshou and Bakuya . A sword that he uses many times against other servants in the series. This sword represents yin and yang , also this sword was made to suit Archer’s fighting style.

Archer also looks to have at least two facial expressions, normal and screaming. Archer is also seen carrying his bow which is used to fire a sword which he can manifest based on his imagination. In addition, he will also bring Noble Phantasm Caladbolg II which is also considered a Broken Phantasm because of the way he uses Caladbolg as an arrow which increases his destructive power.

The Archer has several parts made of special plastic to make it much better posed. Archer will be released regularly in August 2014 at a price of 4630 Yen ( about 500 thousand rupiah ) before tax.