CODA Film Review (2021): There is an Important Message to Hear


The CODA film, which can be watched on Apple TV, is the work of Sian Heder which is touted as the best film at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. Bringing the narrative of a deaf family with one family member who can hear, CODA presents warm moments and important messages that need to be heard.

This film tells the story of Ruby (Emilia Jones), a 17-year-old teenager who comes from a deaf family or known as CODA (Children of Deaf Adults). “Venom 2 Habrá Matanza pelicula complete” The other three members of the family were born deaf; his mother Jackie (Marlee Matlin) a former local beauty pageant winner, father Frank (Troy Kotsur) and older brother Leo (Daniel Durant) “Eternals pelicula completa“.

Before school, Ruby helped her father and brother work on a fishing boat. “Halloween Kills pelicula complete” Problems with middlemen, they also opened their own fish sales agency. “Ron da error pelicula completa” The conflict began when Ruby’s activities of helping her parents in their business collided with her training to enter a music school.

Without too much drama
There’s no excessive drama or dreary resolution. “La familia Addams 2 pelicula completa” The conflict centers on the financial problems of a middle-class family and the struggles of teenagers who want to achieve their dreams. Yes, very close to everyday life.

Almost the same as Lady Bird (2017) , this comedy drama film also presents the reality of life that seems real. Full of warm moments, and of course a little dark comedy that makes you wince, like when Ruby uses a headset to listen to music while eating with her family “El buen patrón pelicula completa“.

Many warm touches and moments are created. One of them was when Ruby’s family watched a show. The singing voices of Ruby and Miles (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) are silenced. “Sin tiempo para morir pelicula completa” Jackie, Frank and Leo also watched the other audience, until they finally realized that Ruby had a talent for singing.

There are times when Heder presents this film without sound, when Ruby communicates with her family, or touching moments when Ruby fights with her brother in the middle of the story. “Madres paralelas pelicula completa” Communication that feels more intimate and even more painful .

CODA eliminates the main antagonist. Presents various characters with their respective egos and interests. Each of the main characters of the Ruby family comes with its own problems. And all of them get the right portion of this 114 minute story “Las leyes de la frontera pelicula completa“.

Important messages that are rarely delivered
CODA is adapted from the French film La Famille Bélier (2014). “Maixabel pelicula completa” But what is different from this film is the presence of deaf actors. Even Marlee Matlin himself is the only deaf actor to win an Oscar for his role as a rebellious girl in the film Children of a Lesser God (1968).

The film CODA, which stands for Children of Deaf Adults, refers to children who grow up with deaf parents. They learn sign language (ASL) as a first language and are part of the deaf community. Being a CODA, Ruby mentioned that she was laughed at when she first entered elementary school.

The quiet yet calming pace is filled with various issues that seem to scream to be heard. For example, when Ruby and Leo fight, where Leo doesn’t want to be seen as a sad person for not being able to hear.

The success of CODA’s films is due not only to the extraordinary casting lineup, but to how Heder sincerely portrays the joys and anxieties of working-class families, without ever turning their limitations into jokes.

CODA films bring a realistic approach to the life of the lower middle class, not only focusing on teenage romances or serious dramas about life. Singing various issues that may be rarely heard, one of which is that deafness is not a deficiency that needs excessive help.