Coach Pep Guardiola was dismayed when Man City lost to Real Madrid at the last minute


According to Marca , coach Pep Guardiola almost did not want to say much in the press conference after the unbelievable defeat against Real Madrid 1-3 in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final on the morning of 5.5, and was eliminated with a total loss of 5-6 .
In choked and extremely disappointed, coach Pep Guardiola only said: “The loss to Real Madrid with the last minute goals and extra time was absolutely crazy. Man City controlled almost the whole game, and then collapsed.

Coach Pep Guardiola also expressed regret at the opportunity to see the game as nailed when Jack Grealish nearly scored ten goals to make it 2-0 after Mahrez’s opening goal in the 73rd minute, but was caught by defender Ferland Mendy. rush to the rescue in an instant.

It was this missed opportunity of Man City that helped Real Madrid come back to life at the end of the game. Pep Guardiola added: “They have done this often, but this time it was beyond our preparation. They played with four strikers and added Eder Militao (centre defender), then they led 2-1, scored one more goal from the penalty spot and it was over. We were very disappointed because we were so close to achieving it, but then it all went away.”

Also according to coach Pep Guardiola: “Before Real Madrid scored the first goal of the game, they didn’t bother us much. Everything is under control. We played well the whole game, but Real Madrid came up with an incredible comeback at such a time.”

Losing to Real Madrid and stopping in the semi-finals of the Champions League, Man City and coach Pep Guardiola once again had to hate with the opportunity to win the most prestigious cup tournament in Europe, when they reached the final last season but to lost to Chelsea 0-1. This season, what remains of the “Green Man” is an effort to stay at the top to win the Premier League in the face of fierce competition from Liverpool.