Co Thien Lac: Sacrificing herself to take care of employees and colleagues


Contrary to many colleagues of the same age, Co Thien Lac has been busy starring in more than 20 movies over the past 5 years instead of enjoying life. Talking about this, the actor said that he is also extremely tired with a dense movie schedule, but because the Hong Kong cinema industry is gradually going downhill, he cannot ignore it. Specifically: “Do you think I’m not tired, don’t want to stop? I want to, but can’t. Anyone know how much salary I have to pay a month to employees? If I don’t work, they won’t have a job.

It can be seen that Co Thien Lac loves his employees as much as his family members, he always places heavy responsibility in providing a stable life for them. However, because of this kindness, he was under a lot of pressure and fatigue. At the age of 52, Co Thien Lac has to maintain the “rice and clothes” for the staff and is responsible for revitalizing the Hong Kong cinema, which is a huge burden for the actor Than Dieu. University agreements.

If you follow Co Thien Lac regularly, you will see that every year the actor receives a new project. It is known that from 2016 – 2019, the actor surnamed Co has appeared in 23 movie works. However, participating in too many movies continuously made him unable to maintain the desired quality. Even Co Thien Lac is being considered by the public as “The King of Garbage movie”.

It has to be said again and again, because Co Thien Lac is holding two important positions in Hong Kong showbiz as Chairman of the Hong Kong Performing Artists Association, and Chairman of the Hong Kong Filmmakers Association, so he has It is a great responsibility to take care of the entire movie industry of Hong Kong, as well as ensure jobs for the whole industry.

Not only wholeheartedly loves employees and colleagues, Co Thien Lac is also a dedicated philanthropist. So far, he has built 128 wells, 3 hydroelectric power stations, 133 elementary schools of love, and donated 350 million yuan (nearly 1,213 billion VND) to charity. Regarding love, Co Thien Lac is still alone and lives with her parents in a large property. Revealing the reason for not living alone, the actor confided as follows: “Even though I am this old, I still live with my parents, my mother is the one who wakes me up every day.