Clips from a time to die, Featuring new allies Bond, James Bond


A behind the scenes clips no time to die is displayed, introducing James Bond new allies.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus leaving many of the Premiere of the highly anticipated in limbo, have a delay the first no time to die, the 25th film in the saga in which Daniel Craig will play James Bond for the last time.

This Film no time to die opens with a retired James Bond, who enjoy a life of tranquility and relaxation in Jamaica. However, his peaceful stay awhile when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA appeared asking for help.

The mission to save the kidnapped scientists turned out to be far more treacherous than expected, bringing the bond to the trail of a mysterious villain armed with new technology that is dangerous. But he will not be alone, because he will be joined by Nomi replacement Bond as agent 007 at MI6.

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In this occasion, Paramount Pictures wanted to release a new clip from sin tiempo para morir featuring a new ally of James Bond, in the form of cbody in the film actions Lashana Lynch and Ana de Armas.

In the rear view screen of this new, the actress talked a little bit about their personalities and show us how they have been training to be up to task in the action sequences of the film. You can see the clip in the video just above this line.

After experiencing delays due to the outbreak of koronavirus, film Sin tiempo para morir will finally arrive in cinemas in Spain on October 1, 2021. In the meantime, here are 10 action movies that don’t give a second breath on Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video.

James Bond has spent nearly sixty years on the big screen consistently cope with the complicated effort that seems to not be able to overcome in his life from various people crazy megalomaniac striking. However, delay in the era of pandemic obviously have his number, after forcing the No Time to Die , the official movie to -25 which has long been heralded , in the retreat of the release date more than a year, now let’s finally face the music in October. Interestingly, the new trailer of the film seems to be thematically parallel with the potential box office, because MI6 agent we retired seems confused face of a global threat that does not look and operate is not real.

The curtain call to Daniel Craig who has long been heralded in the franchise, Bond seems to be getting closer to the opening moments of the trailer of No Time to Die , which retrospectively given the moments of the beginning of Agent 007 with a license that was issued to kill in Casino Royale 2006 before quickly noted the events of the three subsequent sequels, especially the line of Spectre 2015 , in which the mastermind behind the evil Christoph Waltz, Ernst Stavro blofeld in, say Bond is just “a kite dancing in the wind.”Likewise, the return of blofeld in the jail in the trailer displayed feels the same does not please him, because he further implies that the love Bond, Madeleine Swan (Léa Seydoux), has a secret that will prove to be “the death of You.”

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May summarize the status of the Bond in the film, the return of Ralph Fiennes M provide guidance rather unfavorable to the agent of the MI6 who was old and newly hired back, stating, “We used to be able to get into a room with enemies. of hidden everywhere; a threat that is personified in the film by the main villain Rami Malek, Lyutsifer Safin, an eccentric, scourge with scars on the face which brings the intelligence of an unprecedented and skills that are not conventional to the spectacle of this cinematic. In addition, Safin seems to see himself through the lens of the heroic strange, in which he somehow draws parallels direct personal with Bond — it seems that even when it comes to the feelings of the story to Madeleine potentially dubious.

However, the trailer also seems to convey the idea of Bond as Austin Powers-esque agent frozen in time—a notion that arguably reflects the attitude of the culture that flourished. This seems not to be delivered by his enemies, but by the allies of the newest, Nomi (Lashana Lynch), one of the agents “00” MI6 newly formed, who happened to inherit the appointment of the 007 of retired Bonds. As a result, what stands to be the central relationships that complement the dynamics of the action of the film will focus on the interaction of Bond who recently retired with the hotness of the new agency, potentially setting up a generational struggle — even if Lynch, currently aged 33 years, only two years younger. rather than Seydoux, who played the interest of love on the screen of the actors Bond that is now 53-year-old. However, the trailer also seems to tease the important moments overall, almost similar to the way GoldenEye feels on his return in 1995, in which the version of the debut of Pierce Brosnan from the 007 initially seem out of place in the post-Cold War world.