CIV, the Italian Motorcycle Racing Championship that Produces Many Top Racers in MotoGP: From Valentino Rossi to Marco Melandri


When it comes to Italian and Spanish, these two countries seem to take turns giving birth to many great racers who can finally excel in the MotoGP event .

Now, the breeding of racers through tiered racing events is the key to these two very strong countries in motorsport, especially two-wheelers.

Yes, if Spain has CEV, Italy also doesn’t want to lose because it has the Campionato Italiano Velocita (CIV) event.

The data shows that almost all Italian racers who are currently performing in the MotoGP event must first join the CIV.

Even some Italian racers who finally had a good track record in the World Championship were also born from CIV. Call it Valentino Rossi and Marco Melandri.

Did you know, Valentino Rossi was the CIV 125cc champion in 1995. Then Marco Melandri was the 125cc CIV champion in 125cc.

Rossi, as is known, finally became a big star with nine world championship titles. While Melandri has the status of world champion in the 250cc class for the 2022 season. Melandri has also been runner-up for the 2005 MotoGP season.

History of CIV
CIV was first contested in 1911 which makes this racing event one of the oldest in the world.

In its journey, CIV provides a racing class that supports the career ladder of drivers before finally descending in the Motorcycle Racing World Championship, be it a MotoGP derivative (Moto3, Moto2) or World Superbike (World Supersport, World Supersport 300).

Currently, CIV even competes for a fairly complete class. From child racers in the Pre Moto3 class to seniors in the Supersport 600 and Superbike classes.

Not only complete, the competition for the CIV event is also very tight. This is the reason many non-Italian racers have to take part in this event to increase their flying hours.

Support the Valentino Rossi Program
The existence of CIV directly provides support to Valentino Rossi, who has a racer academy and also a team.

Of course, many of his student racers have performed at CIV. Even the VR46 team is also actively participating in the Moto3 class at the CIV event.

Even the racer who strengthened the VR46, Elia Bartolini successfully became the overall champion of the Moto3 class at the CIV 2021 event.

By 2022, Elijah Bartolini has already moved up to the Moto3 class of the Motorcycle Racing World Championship. He will strengthen the Avintia Esponsorama Moto3 team.

The same is true for another Rossi protege, Alberto Surra, who also performed in Moto3 2022 and joined the Rivacold Snipers Team.