City and Liverpool fans are threatened with not being able to attend the FA Cup semifinals


Liverpool -Bad news for Manchester City and Liverpool ahead of the FA Cup semi-finals . The game is threatened not to be attended by fans of both teams. Lo, why?
City and Liverpool will compete for tickets to the competition’s final at Wembley April 16. Apart from that duel, another FA Cup semi-final brought together Crystal Palace vs Chelsea.

Duel City and Liverpool are certainly the most interesting considering they are also competing for the Premier League title. Only three points separate them on the table, with City at the top.

Even before the FA Cup semifinal match, City will first meet Liverpool at the Etihad Stadium on April 10. Of course the competition will heat up.

Unfortunately, the game hasn’t even started yet, both teams have had problems with the supporters. Quoted by the Daily Mail, Liverpool and City supporters are threatened not to come to London.

Because on that date there was already a rail construction schedule that had not been completed since two years ago, so there were no trains going to London Main Station, Euston.

In addition, this date is close to Easter Day which falls on April 17, so bus transportation is predicted to be difficult because it is used by the general public.

“More than 64,000 fans will be pouring out on the streets, which the road has already started because of the bank holiday. Wembley still makes sense for another semifinal match between Chelsea vs Crystal Palace. Not for Liverpool and City,” said a representative for Liverpool and City supporters. in a statement quoted by ESPN.

The FA apparently still insists on holding the match as scheduled in London, despite the discourse of a move to Old Trafford.

2021/2022 FA Cup Quarterfinal Results

Middlesbrough 0-2 Chelsea
Crystal Palace 4-0 Everton
Southampton 1-4 Manchester City
Nottingham Forest 0-1 Liverpool.

2021/2022 FA Cup Semi-Final Schedule

April 16: Manchester City vs Liverpool
April 17: Chelsea vs Crystal Palace.