Chu Chi Nhuoc and the secrets that are hard to put into words in Thien Do Long Ky


Thien Do Long Ky is one of the most popular novels by writer Kim Dung. This work has also been adapted into many different versions. In particular, To Huu Bang – Jia Tinh Van – Cao Vien Vien is considered the most successful trilogy of this project in 2003. In the film few people know, the character Chu Chi Nhuo has a secret that will forever be Truong Vo. It is also impossible to know.

When it comes to Truong Vo Ky, the audience will immediately think of the beautiful “pink ball” of Princess Trieu Man. But if viewers pay close attention, they will see that Chu Chi Nhuoc is the girl he promises many things. Until she changed, he still couldn’t “let go” with the beauty surnamed Chu.

The “father” of Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky seems to want to “tease” Truong Vo Ky when he concealed a big secret about Chu Chi Nhuoc. The thing is, her true identity is a noble princess. But because Chu Tu Vuong – her father’s rebellion failed, she had to hide a few things to ensure the safety of those around her, especially the one she loved.

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The girl who has to stand between one side is sectarian responsibility and one side is love, she is in a dilemma. And then between the two options, Chu Chi Nhuo had to stop choosing to repay the favor and gradually blackened. Also because of this decision, she officially “lost” herself and the love she always protected. And then these hidden corners were not thoroughly and vindicated by the author once. Many viewers also asked the question: Is Kim Dung a bit cruel to her? And if Truong Vo Ky knew about everything, how would he react?

Not only because of her words but was forced to become a person who could not be honest, she also destroyed her wedding with Truong Vo Ky. It seems that too many things have pushed Chu Chi Nhuoc to the end. Trieu Man’s fiancé openly took it, being misunderstood by his lover and responsible for the sect. All combined makes her really “lost” herself, causing many mistakes, all her life in pain and despair.

Before Chu Chi Nhuoc’s secrets, many viewers sympathized and sympathized with her fate. If she was just an ordinary girl with no special identity, perhaps she would have had a happy life next to Truong Vo Ky.