Chronology of the Osshun Gum Case until the K-Pop Group Debut Comeback in May 2022

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Rapper Osshun Gum was hit by a child molestation case, he will soon be tried in court. What is the chronology? Then there are K-Pop groups that will enliven with their comeback and debut in May 2022.

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1. The fact that Go Min Si is rumored to be dating singer GRAY

Go Min Si and GRAY are rumored to be dating, but the agency is reluctant to comment. Go Min Si and GRAY previously worked together in GRAY’s MV entitled Make Love. Check out more facts here.

2. Chronology of ‘High School Rapper’ Osshun Gum on trial for child molestation

On (27/4) Osshun Gum was reportedly tried on charges of molesting an underage boy. This High School Rapper season 1 contestant is threatened with 5 years in prison. Check out the chronology of the case here.

3. Reasons to watch Monstrous, the latest supernatural Korean drama

Will air on April 29, the drama Monstrous can be the latest supernatural drama for you to watch. Starting from the chemistry of the main characters to getting global recognition through the Cannes International Series Festival. There are many reasons to watch this drama. Check out other reasons here.

4. Artists performing at the first offline SMTOWN LIVE 2022 concert

SM Entertainment reports that it will hold an offline concert titled SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU Express at Tokyo which will be held at the Tokyo Dome on August 27-28 2022. This concert will be the first offline concert since the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the list of SM Entertainment artists who will be enlivening the SMTOWN LIVE concert here .

5. Comeback and debut of K-Pop groups that are ready to be lively in May 2022

A number of idols and K-Pop groups are ready to compete for the best position on the music chart in May. Check out idols and K-Pop groups who will be enlivening their comebacks and debuts in May 2022 here.

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