China Eastern Airlines plane carrying 132 people crashes in the mountains of Guangxi


The China Eastern Airlines plane carrying 132 people crashed in a mountainous region in Guangxi province, according to Chinese aviation officials.

The crash of the Boeing 737 in the mountainous region caused a forest fire. It is feared that there will be no survivors, but it is not clear how many victims and the cause of the accident.

The aircraft with flight number MU5735 left Kunming as scheduled at 13:15 local time (12:15 WIB) and was en route to Guangzhou.

Chinese planes have a good record in safety records. The last major accident occurred 12 years ago.

Rescue workers have been dispatched to the scene and said the fire from the crash had been extinguished.

Flight data showed the plane had been in the air for more than an hour.

The plane crashed near the city of Wuzhou in the Teng area. Guangzi is a province in southern China bordering Guangzhou, a large city in southeast China.

Many videos shared on social media – shot by locals – show the plane wreckage in the hills, and smoke billowing from the crash site.

China’s official media shared the videos.

China has a good record of aircraft safety in the last ten years.

A major plane crash in China occurred in August 2010, with 42 people killed in a plane crash from Harbin to Yichun.

China Eastern has not yet commented on this downed aircraft and has not yet responded to inquiries. But the airline added gray to their logo on its Weibo social media account and changed the site’s colors to black and white – a sign of mourning, according to local media reports.

China’s aviation agency said it sent an investigation team to the scene.

Flight tracking sites reported the plane had been in the air for an hour and was approaching its destination. However, FlightRadar24 tracking data showed the plane dived from 29,100 feet to 9,075 feet in two minutes and 15 seconds.

The latest information said the plane was at an altitude of 3,225 feet at 2:22 pm local time.

The plane was close to its destination when it crashed in Wuzhou, a hilly area whose weather changes as China enters its annual flood season.

The weather at the time of the incident was reported to be cloudy, but the views were reported to be good when the incident took place.

The plane was on a seven-year-old Boeing 737-800, according to flight tracking websites. The model lasted a long time before being replaced by the Boeing 737 Max Line, which crashed in Indonesia in 2018 and in Ethiopia in 2019.

China banned the Boeing 737 Max Line after the two incidents.

Boeing released a statement after the MU5735 crashed: “We are aware of initial media reports and are working to obtain more information.”