Chemistry Worth Waiting For, Lee Se Young Claims To Be Happy To Be Paired With 2PM’s Junho On ‘Red Sleeve’


During A Recent Interview, Lee Se Young Expressed Her Happiness At Acting With 2PM’s Junho In ‘Red Sleeve’. Here’s The Full Narrative.

Recently, Lee Se Young participated in an interview to discuss her new drama ” Red Sleeve “. He talked about many interesting things, including his collaboration with 2PM’s Junho .

First of all, Lee Se Young expressed her admiration for this drama. He said, More than anything, the script was very interesting and touching. After deciding to appear, I read the original novel and it was also very impressive.

He continued, I wasn’t so pressured by the title ‘I who never failed in the historical genre.’ They (my previous historical drama) didn’t become a hit because I starred in it. I was lucky to be a part of such a good project.

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Lee Se Young then introduced her character as someone who only thinks about surviving. He explained, “Although he is reluctant to face big events, he doesn’t harbor ambition or greed. He just wants to protect some of the things that are in his hands now.”

Furthermore, the 1992-born actress talked about her chemistry with 2PM’s Junho. He admitted that he was very happy to be acting with Junho in this drama.

I was very happy when I found out that I was working with Junho. I believed in him, and I am very grateful and happy now that we are working together. Please look forward to our chemistry, he concluded.

Meanwhile, “Red Sleeve” is prepared to replace the broadcast slot of ” The Veil ” on Friday – Saturday night MBC.

Lee Se Young Promises To Protect 2PM’s Junho, ‘Red Sleeve’ Shows Thrilling Caste Different Love Story

MBC Has Just Released The Latest Teaser ‘Red Sleeve’ Which Shows A Glimpse Of 2PM’s Junho And Lee Se Young’s Relationship. The Thrilling Interaction Between The Two Invites Viewers’ Curiosity.

Approaching the premiere next November, MBC shared the latest teaser ” Red Sleeve ” to tease viewers. This historical drama brings together 2PM’s Junho and Lee Se Young’s acting in a palace romance.

Adapting a famous novel, “Red Sleeve” tells the story of a court lady who wants to protect her life choices and an emperor who puts the nation above love. Lee Se Young plays Seong Deok Im, a palace maid who wants to make a decision for her own destiny. Meanwhile, Junho plays Yi San, the crown prince who will become King Jeongjo.

In the newly uploaded teaser, Yi San is shown inside the palace. The crown prince was sitting quietly under the king’s throne as he read the complaints of the people while bathing in the light that streamed in through the window. With a face overshadowed by seriousness, Yi San radiated loneliness.

Seong Deok Im’s voiceover tells that the ladies-in-waiting talk about a prince who is like a goblin or a tiger. That assessment was based on his aura which was unapproachable and seemed distant from those around him.

Night fell, the atmosphere of the palace became pitch black as Yi San was still sitting alone in the same place. Although his face looks tired, he continues to try to fulfill the expectations of his grandfather King Yeongjo ( Lee Dok Hwa ).

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But suddenly the palace hall became bright as soon as Seong Deok Im came. He gently placed the glowing candle on Yi San’s table. A voice said, I think differently.

Seong Deok Im hints that he doesn’t see Yi San as a goblin or a tiger. Yi San’s expression softened as the corners of his lips curved into a smile. When Seong Deok Im returned the smile, a voiceover was heard, I am a mere, palace lady, will protect you.

No doubt the teaser “Red Sleeve” gained viewers’ attention because it hinted at a love relationship from a different caste which is interesting to know the continuation. Meanwhile, the drama will premiere on November 5 at 10 p.m. local time.