Chelsea Will Be The Most Valuable Sports Club In History


English Premier League giants Chelsea are in trouble. Abramovich was sanctioned by the British Government, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Blues are now facing financial problems, regarding this. Roman Abramovich, was also forced to sell his favorite club.

After the sale of Chelsea was officially announced, many world conglomerates were lining up to become the new owners. Now, Chelsea has the potential to become the most valuable sports club in the history of the world.

On Friday (18/03/22) which was set as the deadline, more than 20 parties had submitted official bids, to take over the club based at Stamford Bridge.

Before the official sanctions were imposed, Roman Abramovih had set a price of no less than 57 trillion for interested parties.

However, due to sanctions imposed by the British Government, Abramovich will not benefit from this sale.

Roman Abramovich himself, bought Chelsea with a dowry of 2.8 trillion in 2003. However, of course he has spent a lot of money so far.

According to The Athletic’s report, most bidders have set a price not far from what Abramovich has set, which is IDR 57 trillion.

This figure beats the previous purchase record, which was held by the Glazer family when they bought Manchester United at a cost of 15 trillion Rupiah.

With so many bidders lining up, it seemed as if it proved that Chelsea did have a very high selling value. This is not surprising, considering that the Blues are also European Champions.

Breaking Previous Records
With a fantastic purchase value, Chelsea will become the most valuable sports club in history, not only in England but in the world.

In addition to surpassing the record purchase of Manchester United, the Blues will also surpass the purchase of the NBA basketball club, the Brooklyn Nets.

Previously, the Brooklyn Nets had become the most valuable sports club, when it was bought by Joseph Tsai for 47 trillion Rupiah.

According to news circulating, Chelsea has screened until leaving four potential buyers. America’s Raine Group is one to consider.

Nick Candy, a British luxury property entrepreneur is also named as one of the strong candidates. He has submitted an offer of 49.5 trillion Rupiah.

Next, there is the Ricketts family, the consortium from the United States who also owns the Chicago Cubs baseball team.

Finally, former Liverpool chairman Martin Brouhton worked with World Athletics President, Sebastian Coe to become one of the strongest parties, to become the next Chelsea owner.

These names will be sent to the British Government for further special licenses. This was done, so that Roman Abramovich did not benefit from the sale of Chelsea.

After that, the Government and the Premier League Director will conduct a series of eligibility tests. Criminal record is one of the factors to be assessed.

With the “auction” process already underway, in the near future the Blues will have a new owner. However, the question is whether the new owner will be as successful as Roman Abramovich.

The Ricketts Family Gets Rejection From Chelsea Fans
The Twitter world was shocked by the emergence of the hashtag #NoToRicketts which was echoed by all Chelsea fans from around the world.

The Ricketts family is known to have made a bid of 43 trillion Rupiah. This offer made them then enter into a strong candidate for the new owner of Chelsea.

It’s just that the Ricketts family background makes Chelsea supporters busy rejecting his presence as the new owner.

Not only supporters, former Chelsea players also refused their presence, which was reported by the BBC to be holding a meeting with supporters’ representatives.

One of the reasons Chelsea supporters refused was, their bad track when dealing with sports clubs in the United States.