Chelsea Vs Newcastle at Stamford Bridge: No Ticket, Stores Closed


After Roman Abramovich was suspended, and Chelsea were affected, Stamford Bridge held its first match. This is the view there.

Tickets for the Chelsea vs Newcastle match are no longer on sale. Even though there is “no ticket” for this match, season ticket holders can still watch it at Stamford Bridge. Photo: Getty Images/Justin Setterfield

Chelsea won the Premier League match. The team nicknamed the Blues won 1-0 against Newcastle United.

The only goal was scored by their striker, Kai Havertz in the last minute before the long whistle sounded.

This victory makes Chelsea reap 3 points to secure a position in the Premier League standings.

There is an interesting and perhaps sad story experienced by the team based in the City of London.

They can’t buy fuel to fuel the bus transporting players. This is the impact of the British government sanctions against Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich .

Roman Abramovich, a Russian citizen, was sanctioned by the British government. This is the aftermath of the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war.

The credit card in the name of the Chelsea club has been blocked by the British government so they cannot make transactions such as buying fuel for the bus transporting players

In The Athletic’s page , the credit card in the name of Chelsea was temporarily frozen.

Now, the club from London cannot carry out transactions for buying and selling players, giving new contracts to players, and is prohibited from selling tickets (non-pass) and souvenirs. In fact, the blocking of Chelsea’s credit card had a big impact on the club, one of which was not being able to buy fuel for the team’s bus operations.

However, the British government is still making concessions regarding the sanctions imposed. They can still travel to a number of cities with a limit of not spending more than 20 thousand British pounds, or around Rp. 373 million per game.

Of course, with that much cost, Chelsea’s management had to rack their brains because the funds were very minimal when traveling by land, let alone air.