Charlotte, the granddaughter of Elizabeth II who has received the respect of the elders


At seven years old, Princess Charlotte, Carlota, daughter of the new princes of Wales, has shown an integrity and maturity that has surprised all those who followed the funeral for Elizabeth II on Monday. Princes William and Catherine decided that their eldest children would be present at the sad farewell to their great-grandmother. They went in the vehicle with their mother and were attentive to everything that was happening around them, an experience for the little ones.

Charlotte came to show her emotions and wept when contemplating the monarch’s coffin, overwhelmed by the atmosphere of silence that existed this past Monday in London. Even the little girl was the one who warned her brother Jorge, second in line to succession, who is nine years old, to lower her head as the coffin passed.

Dressed in mourning, they had been guided in everything that was the protocol of this funeral, the largest manifestation of mourning experienced in the United Kingdom.

The coat that Charlotte was wearing was also from a Spanish firm, Ancar. On many other occasions, Princess Catalina has distinguished herself by dressing her children with garments from our country. The coat was very similar to the one her mother wore. The only one absent from the family of the princes of Wales has been the youngest, Luis.

The images of the emotion of the two children, the youngest front row attendees that this massive ceremony has had, have gone around the world, moving everyone in turn.