Charlie Puth Uncovers the Meaning of the Song ‘Left and Right’ feat Jungkook BTS, About LGBT?


Charlie Puth has been outspoken about the meaning behind his new single ‘Left and Right’, the result of a collaboration with one of the BTS personnel, Jeon Jungkook.

Before being confirmed by Charlie Puth, this collaboration song with Jungkook BTS was suspected by ARMY to have meaning about LGBT .

The reason, Charlie Puth is depicted struggling to get someone out of his head in the music video.

On the other hand, the only person in the video is BTS’ Jungkook.

The scene is predicted to be a symbol of same-sex love, aka gay.

In addition, the song ‘Left and Right‘ was released last June which coincided with the celebration of Pride Month.

Pride Month or Pride Month falls in June which is commemorated every year as a celebration of the moment of the LGBT group.

ARMY’s wild assumption was finally confirmed by the singer, Charlie Puth. On his Instagram account, he shared screenshots of LGBT issues in his song.

“Since no one else is depicted other than the two, the assumption that the two men complement each other, which I think is good,” wrote Bryan Latimer.

Charlie Puth’s upload immediately attracted great attention from ARMY, especially from Jungkook BTS fans.

“It’s been confirmed that the song is about gay,” wrote a netizen, “Could it be that he likes Jungkook,” said another netizen, “He’s like me,” continued another netizen.