Champions League Quarterfinal Draw To Be Held This Afternoon


The Champions League has entered the quarter-finals. Eight teams ensured the move from the round of 16. Next, a drawing will be held to determine who meets with whom. According to the schedule, the draw will be held today, Friday 18 March 2022. According to the official UEFA website, the draw will be held at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland starting at 12.00

Later, in addition to drawing the quarter-finals, there will also be draws for the semifinals and finals. The final draw is only for technical reasons, who is the “host” status. The draw will be open. There is no longer a superior system, teams from the same country can also meet each other. With so many representatives from England and Spain, duels between countries are very possible. Not only the Champions League, two other European competitions, namely the Europa League and the Europa Conference League also held drawings in the same place.

Europa League Quarterfinals: Barcelona Face Germany

After drawing the quarter-finals of the Champions League, UEFA also drew for the Europa League at their headquarters, Nyon, Switzerland, Friday 18 March 2022. The results of the drawing, Barcelona can breathe a little relieved. Because they avoid heavy opponents. In the last eight, Barcelona will face a team from Germany, Eintracht Frankfurt. It is known that Los Azulgranas this season are the favorites, because usually they are regulars to appear in the competition at the level above it, the Champions League.

In addition to Barcelona against Frankfurt, the quarter-final match also pitted RB Leipzig with Atalanta. Then there is also the West Ham United duel against Olympique Lyon. And the Sporting Braga party against Glasgow Rangers. The quarter-finals will be played over two legs. The first meeting will take place on April 7, 2022, while the second will be held a week later, April 14, 2022. Drawing Results:

RB Leipzig vs Atalanta
Eintracht Frankfurt vs Barcelona
West Ham United vs Lyon