Champions League Quarter-Final and Semi-Final Drawing Simulation


The draw for the quarter-finals and semifinals of the 2021/2022 Champions League will be held today, Friday (18/3/2022) . From the simulation conducted by ARKHA , Manchester City will meet Chelsea .

The draw for the quarter-finals and semifinals of the Champions League can be watched live streaming on Vidio

The round of 16 presented a number of surprises, one of which was the elimination of Manchester United who had to admit the superiority of Atletico Madrid with an aggregate score of 1-2.

Not only that, another La Liga team, Villarreal also made a surprise by successfully getting rid of Juventus by winning with a classy aggregate score, namely 4-1.

List of Teams in the Quarter Finals
– Manchester City
– Real Madrid
– Bayern Munich
– Atletico Madrid
– Benfica
– Villarreal
– Chelsea

This afternoon’s draw will not only draw the four quarter-finals, but also the two semifinals.

Real Madrid vs Benfica
Real Madrid, who in the round of 16 successfully eliminated PSG with a 3-2 aggregate victory, will face Portugal’s Benfica.

In the round of 16, Benfica itself managed to beat Ajax Amsterdam with a 2-1 aggregate score, which was determined by a 1-0 win in the Dutch capital.

On paper, Real Madrid doesn’t seem to have any significant difficulties to beat Benfica. However, surprises can happen.

Villarreal vs Liverpool
From this simulation, Villarreal will meet a tough test in their fairy tale. After getting rid of Juventus, the Yellow Submarine Team will now challenge Liverpool.

Liverpool managed to qualify for the quarter-finals after a 2-1 aggregate win over Inter Milan. Winning 2-0 in the first leg in Italy, the Reds had to lose 0-1 in the second leg at Anfield.

Once again, if this draw comes true, then Liverpool have a great chance to advance to the semifinals. However, Villarreal is not the name if you can’t make a surprise.

Manchester City vs Chelsea
From this simulation, a bigmatch will be presented with two top English teams, Manchester City and Chelsea having to clash in the quarter-finals.

Manchester City and Chelsea both had no significant difficulties in the last 16. City beat Sporting Lisbon 5-0, while Chelsea silenced Lille 4-1.

Atletico Madrid vs Bayern Munich
The last quarter-final match is predicted to bring together Atletico Madrid with the champions of the 2020 edition, namely Bayern Munich.

In the last 16, Bayern had been made difficult by Salzburg when they were held to a 1-1 draw in the first leg. However, Die Roten raged in the second leg by beating their opponent 7-1.

Semifinals 1
Manchester City/Chelsea vs Villarreal/Liverpool

Duel fellow English teams have the potential to happen again in the semifinals. The winner of the Manchester City vs Chelsea match will face the winner of the Villarreal vs Liverpool match.

If this scenario becomes a reality, it is certain that there will be one Premier League representative in the final in May.

Semifinals 2
Atletico Madrid/Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid/Benfica

The duel of two compatriots also has the potential to occur if Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid both can beat their respective opponents in the quarter-finals.

Not only countrymen, the Atletico vs Real duel will also be a derby for the Spanish capital. This party has often happened in the knock-out stages of the Champions League in recent seasons.