Celebrating Two Years of Hallyureviews – 6 of Our Favorite Exo B Sides

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Hi everybody! We finally found the time to properly celebrate our two year anniversary! I can’t believe how far this blog has come and even after all this time and so many reviews, we still stick to a daily post at least once! Instead of getting sad and crying like we did for birthdays last year, we thought we’d give you a follow-up to a post we did to celebrate 50K views over time. Since hallyureviews isn’t only 2 years old now and we hit 1k posts in total, we’re hitting 150k views all the time too! I don’t know how to express how grateful I am for every view we get and if you’re only here once for a review, regular reader commenting or silent reader (leave a comment if you want, we don’t bite) we really appreciate you all. We are just sharing our amateur opinion here and spreading the love for K-Pop and it means a lot if you keep reading.

But without further ado, I welcome you to another series Lina and Una made themselves miserable by picking just three b-sides each from one of their favorite groups! I welcome you to our favorite EXO b-side who will never grow old for us and have been our friends for a very long time! Let’s get into it.

Baby Don’t Cry
Okay. This doesn’t surprise anyone, I think. Anyway, I wrote the entire SOTM for this song and literally introduced this section to it. I also think that EXO’s XOXO is by far one of EXO’s best albums to date. I’m totally in love with this banger album and it’s also their first full-length album. Imagine being legendary. Vocals, lyrics, atmosphere, feelings. Kyungsoo’s voice!!! Everything about this song means an absolute world to me. I also listen to this in every version, Chinese, live (which is totally out of this world), Korean, I don’t care, I love them all the same and I don’t think this song will ever replace for me as a favorite b-side song me by EXO.

love you
Okay, I might see a pattern here with EXO and Baby in the title track EXO b-sides I love but listen me out! This is the latest b-side on EXO’s b-side list and from the album Obsession. Gosh did we not know what we had when this album and era fell upon us. I could easily add any of the songs from this album to this list. Jekyll? Problem (I love EXO sexy, their baby making songs is everything)? They are all more than amazing and I know that if they become OT9 for this comeback, it will be even better. Baby You Are is on this list today because it’s the EXO b-side I’ve listened to the most of all time. I think I’m just a sucker for EXO’s soft, light, and heavy vocals that are still catchy. I mean, Una will pick one of my favorites from the DFTF album as well which proves that their new song is just as good as their old one. Baby You Are is everything to me and puts me in a good mood all the time.

Been Through
No, I didn’t choose this song because it is usually performed by Suho half naked on stage. I literally lived in denial for a whole week before finally choosing Been Through as my third and final song to highlight today. I even asked my non-k-pop friends for help with this one because I needed an unbiased opinion. Turns out Been Through took the crown and that’s for good reason. Universe is an absolutely fantastic album and I hope once EXO is back in full, we start getting another winter album, because that’s where some of their best music lies. Been Through the atmosphere, soft yet super fun and engaging. EXO’s vocals are incomparable to me and when they come together as one, it always works wonders. I don’t need to justify why EXO’s music in K-Pop is one of the best. I think their discography speaks for itself.

And with those friends I end my misery here today and hand over the mic to Una. Thanks again for everything and I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I suffered choosing songs!

I feel like hallyureviews were made two days ago or two decades ago sometimes. Two years of blogging every day and writing about the things we love (and sometimes don’t) have been something special for both of us. We achieved so many milestones lately and it’s all thanks to youali! Thank you so much for reading our sometimes coherent sometimes incoherent essays about music, movies and performances. Thank you for reacting with the same enthusiasm to the things we shout about and even for sharing our writings with others. Special thanks to the amazing review/k-blogging community because you guys make things fun and you keep us going when we feel less motivated. Here’s to many more years with all of you!

As Lina said and as you can see from the post title, we decided to celebrate our three achievements by writing about our favorite EXO b-sides. Now, Exo, just like SHINee, is a group for us as well as a group that always gives b-sides and whole albums so you can imagine how difficult this is. Needless to say, most of these choices are based solely on our personal relationship with the song and are completely biased. Lina chose three songs that I like too so I think we made a good combination here. Let’s go!