Cast of The Whole Truth, Netflix’s Newest Horror Thriller


Recently , Netflix released a horror thriller genre film from Thailand entitled The Whole Truth. This film tells the story of two brothers who are required to stay at the house of their grandparents who they have not known before. Almost every night they get strange disturbances, until they find a mysterious hole in the wall of the house that holds a mystery about their family.

The Whole Truth film presents several artists to play various characters. Some artists may be familiar to Thai film lovers. Check out, let’s see, the names of those who play a role in the film The Whole Truth.

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Јужни Ветар 2: Убрзање

Punpun Sutatta Udomsilp : The name Punpun Sutatta must be familiar to Thai film fans. The woman who was born on June 5, 1997, has been passing by in various film and series titles. In the film “The Whole Truth” this time he plays Pim.

Pim’s character is described as a wise person, because she was chosen to be the head cheerleader at her school. In addition, he is a brave character, because he investigates the mysterious hole in the film with his younger brother, Putt.

Mac Nattapat Nimjirawat : The man who is usually called Mac is known for his role as Thun (Young) in the series “He’s Coming To Me”. Now he has the opportunity to play the main role in the film “The Whole Truth” as Putt, the younger brother of Pim (Punpun Sutatta).

Putt is disabled in his legs, so he is required to use a assistive device in order to walk. Due to the disability in his legs, Putt has only a few friends, so he becomes a quiet person who doesn’t talk much. Although Putt is a quiet person, he is brave enough, he and his brother, Pim, find out about the mystery of the hole in his grandparents’ house.

Nicole Theriault : This Thai American woman started her career as a singer with her hit albums Ka-Po-Lo Club and Funny Lady . Apart from being a singer, she has also taken on several roles in various films and series, one of which is in “The Whole Truth” where she plays Mai, the mother of Pim (Punpun Sutatta) and Putt (Mac Nattapat).

Mai is a single parent for her two children, it requires her to work hard in order to meet the needs of her family. Even though she is busy working, Mai is a mother figure who cares for her two children.

Sadanont Durongkavarojana : If you have ever watched the movie “Dew” you must be familiar with the figure of Sadanot Durongkavarojana, in that film he played the role of Pob. This time he appears in the film “The Whole Truth” as Fame, a friend of Putt (Mac Nattapat).

The character played by Sadanot Durongkavarojana here is described as a cunning figure. Instead of being Putt’s friend, he takes advantage of the situation to get close to his older brother, Pim, played by Punpun Sutatta.